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The Kettle Club

I am a member of The Kettle Club from over at Exemplify Magazine

The focus of this group is to share on our own individual blogs what God has been teaching us over the past month; devotional questions are posted on the site at Exemplify Magazine at the end of every month, and then the members link up to share on their own blogs.

There are several questions that were posted at the end of March, we are asked to answer all of them or just one of the questions. The questions I chose are, what are some practical ways you maintain a consistent in the word time? Do you have a certain morning system that accompanies your quiet time?

My quiet time or devotional time has evolved over a period of nearly 16 years. In the beginning it was during a crisis of faith that I fell before the face of God in my anguish, and He lifted me up in His Word. So often Christians cling to the Lord during a crisis, and then during times of "sunny skies" they fall away into their own daily activities, and the devotional time is drowned out by another more captive audience. I persevered and marched forward in my devotional time, and this has readied me when another storm of crisis developed. A daily devotional time should not be looked at as another thing to cross off your to do list, it is not a ho-hum activity. A daily devotional time should be looked at as personal time for reading God's Word, soaking it in to our mind and spirit, letting His Word permeate us, in order to change, develop, and equip us for His will for our life. It is a life time commitment, it must become an affixed apart of our quintessence. My practical ways of maintaining a quiet time or devotional time is that of consistency, commitment, and my attitude and mindset in continuing to cultivate it.

My morning system is to read from the magazines "Our Daily Bread", and Charles Stanley's devotional magazine "In Touch." I also read the devotional books: "Daily Light" by Samuel Bagster and Anne Graham Lotz, "A Journey into Prayer" by Evelyn Christenson, and "Fresh Grounded Faith" by Jennifer Rothschild. I then read at least 1 chapter per day from the New Testament, then I have my prayer time (I have a 3 ring binder.)