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Question Of The Week #13

Question Of The Week #13, from Operation Read Bible
I have enjoyed Becky's questions from her blog. If you have never visited her blogs please do so, they are wonderful, she spends an incredible amount of time and love over there!!!

Do you listen to Christian music? Why or why not? Do you listen only to Christian music? Do you have any favorite artists? A favorite album? A favorite song? Which artist(s) would you recommend to others? Why?
I love music; I love classical and opera, I love jazz and blues, I love bluegrass and country, I love old gospel music, I love classic rock, I love Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, The Beach Boy's, I love big band or swing music, and I especially love Christian music. When I am at home I prefer a quite house; occasionally I will listen to music on my CD player. When I am driving in my car I listen to the radio, preferring either Christian music, or country, or classic rock. Music often reminds me of memories, my own or those shared by my mother, or sisters. When I listen to big band music I think about my mother, she loved to dance and she told me many stories of during the World War II years she would go to the U.S.O. club and dance with the men in the military. When I listen to music from the 60's I think of my sisters because this was the music they listened to and have shared memories of them to me as well. My sister Frances went to a Beatles concert in 1965, she was a young girl then, and she has fond memories of screaming until she lost her voice.
My favorite Christian artists are Amy Grant, Barlow Girl, Michael W. Smith, and Hillsong.
Listening to Christian music is uplifting and edifying to me, and I would much rather listen to Christian music because of this.


Becky said…
Thanks for playing along! I think we share many musical loves :)
+ books, + writing, we are kindred spirits!
Anonymous said…
7:00 am as I am getting ready for work, I put on my christian music. Listening to music gives me the desire to praise God and his Son. When I hear versus that touch my heart on how I feel about Jesus gives me a peace, I love to listen to; Kathy Troccoli, Jaci Velasquez, Point of Grace, and many more.