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Question Of The Week #14

Question Of The Week #14

Do you have a favorite Biblical film? If you don't have a favorite film, do you have a least favorite?

I have several Biblical films that I like: "The Nativity," "One Night With The King," "The Ten Commandments," and "Jesus of Nazareth."
My favorite Biblical movie is "The Passion of the Christ." I love this movie not because it makes me "feel good," nor because it is a quick escape into the entertainment world provided by Hollywood.
I love this movie because it crushes my heart to see my Savior being tortured and in pain. Maybe that last sentence makes absolutely no since to many of my readers. I have read the story of Jesus' crucifixion many times, I have heard many sermons preached on it, I have read several books and Bible studies on it. There is a deep impact on me when I watch this movie depict what Jesus went through, for me, for us. Every year at this time, during the Passion Week leading up to Easter, I watch this movie, and I reflect. I remember a time when reading the story of the crucifixion did not cause any ripple of emotion in me, I was stoic. Now, I can no longer remain unmoved when I read from the scriptures the story of Jesus' death on the cross, because I know it was my ugly, stinking, putrid sins that He bore in pain and in death for me. I love this movie, because it reminds me of His great and perfect, sacrificial love for me.


The Passion of the Christ: His last words, "It is finished" reminds me of his love for us. He died for my sins once and for all. He was punished for my sins and he promised that He was going to prepare a place for me in heaven. Not just for me but for all believers.
Yes, I agree.
Last night even though I was sick with a tummy virus I watched this movie. My first thought when I heard Him utter the words "It is finished," is that of triumph and victory on His atoning work on the cross.
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