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Question Of The Week #15

Question Of The Week #15

"Do you listen to the Bible on audio? Why not? Do you have a favorite audio edition? Do you prefer dramatized editions or voice only editions? Do you have any you'd recommend?"

I do not listen to the Bible on audio, I do not believe that I ever have. I do enjoy reading the Bible aloud. I love God's Word, and to fill the room with His Word, to hear it read and not just read it and process it in my mind, makes a more dynamic impact. Reading God's Word aloud also makes it easier to memorize scripture. Memorizing scripture so that it is always in our mind ready to be retrieved for those moments when we need to hear from Him.

One of the reasons that I do not listen to the Bible on audio is because I am a visual learner. When I hear a sermon, or listen to a lecture, I must take notes in order to process the information better. I enjoy going back at a later date to re-read what I have written and I gain a fresh aspect on it.