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Review---"Fresh Grounded Faith"

"Fresh Grounded Faith" by Jennifer Rothschild
I loved this book and used it as a daily devotional this year.
In this book Jennifer gives the reader a peek inside her life. She shares with us moments of exhaustion, sadness, times of teaching, and precious times with her family.
Jennifer has a talent for drawing the reader in with her aroma of rich words. She shares similar stories that we all could share, stories of friends that have died, friends that have been ill, memories of our husbands, or children. Snippets of those times in our lives that leave imprinted snapshots in our minds forever of those people that made a difference, or of those times captured that we hold dear to our hearts.
This is the first book I'd read from Jennifer Rothschild. I have a book that has two of her books in it, "Lessons I Learned in the Dark," and "Lessons I Learned in the Light." I hope to read those books soon.
Jennifer has a great website:
She has a newsletter that you must sign up for entitled "Java with Jennifer," see the above website for details.