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Review---A Vote of Confidence

A Vote of Confidence
by Robin Lee Hatcher
272 pages
Guinevere Arlington, or better known as Gwen to her family and friends, lives in the town of Bethlehem Springs, Idaho. Gwen's sister Cleo and father live nearby on a ranch. Gwen and Cleo's mother lives in New Jersey. Gwen is an independent and self sufficient woman. She teaches piano and writes for the town newspaper. She is determined to remain single despite many willing admirers, she is unwilling to adhere to the control of a man. The year is 1915 and the women in Idaho had only been allowed to vote since 1896. Gwen makes the decision to run for mayor. She is undaunted by her opponents and she is focused on her win.
I love this book because it focuses on Gwen's prayer life. Gwen often prays to God for His guidance and direction. She is not so head strong that she dismisses God's will for her life.
I love this book because Gwen is a strong character; she is teachable, moral, conscientious, intelligent, wise, and evaluates decisions to be made.
I love this book in that it teaches us that God's plans are not always our plans, and that we should be open and teachable for what His plans are for our lives.
This book, is book 1 in "The Sisters of Bethlehem" series. The second book due this fall is entitled "Fit To Be Tied."