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ABC's Of Me

I was tagged from Cathy Bryant over at
The ABC's of me.

A Age is 45.

B Birthday is February 12.

C Cat-I have 1 named Noelle.

D Dad was in WWII and is a D-day Veteran.

E Exercise-I fitness walk, 60-70 minutes a day, 4-5 days per week.

F Family is important to me.

G Grandfather (my dad's dad) was in WWI.

H Happiness to me is being with my grandchildren.

I Ice cream is my favorite treat, Bluebell is preferred.

J Joyful in the Lord.

K Kitchen, I am at home in my kitchen and I'm territorial.

L Lily is my favorite flower.

M Meal-my favorite meal is grilled salmon, steamed vegetables, and a baked potato.

N Native American-my great grandmother was Cherokee.

O Optic-I wear bi-focals.

P Piano- I took 11 years of piano lessons when I was a child.

Q Quilts-I have several quilts my grandmother's made, to me they bring comfort.

R Rain-I love rainy days.

S Sacred-to me words are sacred.

T Teach-I love to teach Bible studies.

U Undecided-rarely am I an undecided person.

V Voc…

Memorial Day

Thank you!

Question Of The Week#20
"Do songs ever make you cry? Do you have a song (or two) that makes you teary-eyed every time?"

Songs do not usually make me cry-at lease not very often. I am not an emotional kind of gal.
There is one song though, "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me. This song makes me teary eyed every time I hear it.
The writer of the song wrote about what will he do when he is in the presence of Jesus in heaven.
"Will he dance for Jesus? Will he fall to his knees? Can he even speak at all?"
As for me... I will fall on my face before Him, I will be unable to speak.
Recently I read a book entitled, "Deeper, Living in The Reality of God's Love" by Debbie Alsdorf.
Debbie wrote about her experience with her mother, when her mother was dieing. Her mother told Debbie and her children, "live likes it's real, because it is." She was speaking about heaven.
I think about that statement often, "live likes it real, because…

Bible Reading Challenge

I have finished reading Romans and 1 Corinthians. I am now reading in chapter 5 of 2ND Corinthians.
Romans was written by the apostle Paul in 57 A.D, to the church at Rome. Paul wrote this epistle (a written message or letter) while he was on his 3rd missionary journey and while he was in Corinth. It is the longest of Paul's letters, and according to "Halley's Bible Handbook" it is "the most important book in the Bible next to the 4 Gospels."
"Man's justification before God rests, fundamentally, not on the Law of Moses, but on the Mercy of Christ. It is not a matter of Law at all, because man, on account of his sinful nature, cannot entirely live up to God's law, which is an expression of God's holiness. But it is wholly because Christ, out of the goodness of His heart, forgives men's sins. In the last analysis, man's standing before God depends, not so much on what man has done or can do for himself, as on what Christ has done for hi…

Review---"Until We Reach Home"

"Until We Reach Home" by Lynn Austin

I have read several Christian fiction books on immigration. The main character is usually from Ireland, or England, and they immigrate to America, or Australia. It was a welcome break to meet these 3 sisters from Sweden: Elin, Kirsten and Sofia.
The time period is the late 1800's. The 3 sisters are living in the home and farm they had lived at with their parents and older brother in rural Sweden. Their parents die and their brother leaves home and is not heard from again. An aunt and uncle and their children move into the beloved home with the sisters.
From the beginning of the book Elin the eldest of the sisters is intent in moving away and finding a better life for her and her sisters. She sets her sights on Chicago, where another uncle and his family live.
I loved this book for several reasons such as, the descriptive writing of the travel that the girls endured. From their train rides, to their traveling by ship, the reader is swept …

Question Of The Week #19

Question Of The Week #19,

"Do you like to read different translations of the Bible? Why or why not? Do you have one dependable and or believed translation that you use all of the time? Or do you like to keep things fresh by adding different translations to your rotation?"
I have many different translations of Bibles, but my favorites are the NIV, ESV, NASB, and the HCSB. The Holman Christian Standard Bible, or HCSB, is my most recent Bible. I bought my copy for $5 at Lifeway Christian Bookstore when they were having a big sale a few months ago. The Bible is small and has a magnetic closure. I would never have bought this Bible, except I loved how it looked: small, handy, magnetic closure, red. It is named Ancient Faith Bible. The Bible is small enough to fit in my purse if need be. I dislike the small print, but it is readable to me. My New International Version, or NIV is also red, maybe a trend is going here. I bought 2 red duo tone, …
I will be keeping my 5 year old granddaughter Celeste today. I will post more tomorrow!
Have a blessed day! P.S. My granddaughter told me on this day while she was sitting at my vanity trying on my jewelry, "I've decided I like diamonds the best, they are my favorite." I believe she is 5 going on 25.

"Question Of The Week #18"

"Question Of The Week #18,"
"Spiritual insights, realizations. These little insights 'aha' moments can pop up anywhere and everywhere as you are living life. And they can often be found in unexpected places: life, music, books, movies, tv shows, family, friends. What have you learned (realized) lately?"
The word realize means to be fully aware of, to conceive as real, understand clearly, present as real. Similar words are apprehend, be cognizant of, become conscious of, catch on, comprehend, conceive, discern, envisage, envision, grasp, understand, and vision.
My sister JoAnn calls these "aha" moments an epiphany. Epiphany is usually a sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature of the meaning of something. An intuitive grasp of reality through something (as an event) usually simple and striking. An illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure. Definitions from Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Review---"To Love Anew"

"To Love Anew" Sydney Cove Series Book 1 by Bonnie Leon This is an excellent story that left me greatly anticipating book 2 in the series. Hannah Talbot is a young woman in England during the early 1800's. Her mother is an experienced seamstress and Hannah helps her mother in their family business. Hannah's mother dies unexpectedly and Hannah's life dramatically changes. A series of despairing events leads her to a venture to a far away continent. John Bradshaw seems to have it all; a beautiful wife, a business, a nice home. John makes a decision to help a family member and then his life is altered forever. The conditions of poverty, prison life, ship life, immigration, and other issues are covered in this book. The reader is left wondering why people in previous centuries were unconcerned about the poor and the weak. It is illogical to me the penalty for a person that steals a bite of food because they are starving. Jesus had taught us in scripture that we were t…