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ABC's Of Me

I was tagged from Cathy Bryant over at
The ABC's of me.

A Age is 45.

B Birthday is February 12.

C Cat-I have 1 named Noelle.

D Dad was in WWII and is a D-day Veteran.

E Exercise-I fitness walk, 60-70 minutes a day, 4-5 days per week.

F Family is important to me.

G Grandfather (my dad's dad) was in WWI.

H Happiness to me is being with my grandchildren.

I Ice cream is my favorite treat, Bluebell is preferred.

J Joyful in the Lord.

K Kitchen, I am at home in my kitchen and I'm territorial.

L Lily is my favorite flower.

M Meal-my favorite meal is grilled salmon, steamed vegetables, and a baked potato.

N Native American-my great grandmother was Cherokee.

O Optic-I wear bi-focals.

P Piano- I took 11 years of piano lessons when I was a child.

Q Quilts-I have several quilts my grandmother's made, to me they bring comfort.

R Rain-I love rainy days.

S Sacred-to me words are sacred.

T Teach-I love to teach Bible studies.

U Undecided-rarely am I an undecided person.

V Vocal-I sing 2nd Soprano.

W Welsh is in my ancestry.

X X marks the spot where you are at, hope you feel welcome and come back again.

Y Yell-I dislike yelling, loud talking, cursing.

Z Zero patience for abuse of children, elderly, and animals.