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Question Of The Week #19

Question Of The Week #19,

"Do you like to read different translations of the Bible? Why or why not? Do you have one dependable and or believed translation that you use all of the time? Or do you like to keep things fresh by adding different translations to your rotation?"
I have many different translations of Bibles, but my favorites are the NIV, ESV, NASB, and the HCSB.
The Holman Christian Standard Bible, or HCSB, is my most recent Bible. I bought my copy for $5 at Lifeway Christian Bookstore when they were having a big sale a few months ago. The Bible is small and has a magnetic closure. I would never have bought this Bible, except I loved how it looked: small, handy, magnetic closure, red. It is named Ancient Faith Bible. The Bible is small enough to fit in my purse if need be. I dislike the small print, but it is readable to me.
My New International Version, or NIV is also red, maybe a trend is going here. I bought 2 red duo tone, leather, NIV Zondervan Bible's; 1 for me and 1 for my sister Frances. Our birthdays are near Valentines Day, our maiden name is Hart. I thought it quit fitting that we both have identical Bible's for our Birthday's. There are 2 things that I love about this Bible, it is large print and it lays open very well. The NIV reads smoothly and understandably.
I bought a hardback English Standard Version, or ESV when they came out last October. I love this Bible's extra reading material, such as the history of the Bible, history of salvation, the canon of the Scripture's, other reference materials, and maps. What I dislike about this Bible is it is heavy, it is similar to carrying around a large unabridged hardback dictionary. I usually keep this Bible at home, but I use it daily.
These 3 are the Bible's that I use the most.
My New American Standard Bible, or NASB-my dad took it, and I am not sure where he has put it, it is probably under his special reading chair.


cathy b. said…
I've been going to for my daily Bible reading and then I can flip around translations if I like. Sometimes I like to read how it's written in The Message. But usually I like the NIV which is what I was reading when I first became a Christian. When I go to our Lecto Devina (sp?) study I bring a Bible I found on the street which is a New King James version. It's paperback and portable. I've got a few special Bibles, but don't used them as often as I'd expected to when I bought them. They are just too heavy for my arthritic hands. One of the things that made me change churches a year ago was that the pastor of the old church went on about bringing our Bibles to church. I'd prefer to travel light and use my right hand for my cane. They had the NIV in the pews anyway.
A Gracious Home said…
I don't care for the Holman translation. I would not buy nor read the Message Bible. I have a lot of translations. I read my old, worn KJV because I'm most comfortable with it. I read several on line versions. I really like Easy English Version. I have one version that uses 26 translations of the NT. It's good for Bible Study.
Becky said…
I love the NASB and the ESV. I haven't read much in the Holman one though I own a few in it.