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Question Of The Week#20
"Do songs ever make you cry? Do you have a song (or two) that makes you teary-eyed every time?"

Songs do not usually make me cry-at lease not very often. I am not an emotional kind of gal.
There is one song though, "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me. This song makes me teary eyed every time I hear it.
The writer of the song wrote about what will he do when he is in the presence of Jesus in heaven.
"Will he dance for Jesus? Will he fall to his knees? Can he even speak at all?"
As for me... I will fall on my face before Him, I will be unable to speak.
Recently I read a book entitled, "Deeper, Living in The Reality of God's Love" by Debbie Alsdorf.
Debbie wrote about her experience with her mother, when her mother was dieing. Her mother told Debbie and her children, "live likes it's real, because it is." She was speaking about heaven.
I think about that statement often, "live likes it real, because it is."
You know this life is not all there is, if it were, there really would be absolutely no hope. We would live our lives as a senseless vacuum in the frailty of our relatively short life. But, this life is not all there is, believers have eternal life through Jesus Christ, and when our bodies die, our spirit will continue to live with Jesus in heaven. That should be our focus, not the economy, nor bills to pay, nor children to feed or parents to care for, nor health problems; but that this life is not all there is, we have eternity with Jesus in heaven. I do not say that statement lightly as if I have never suffered. I've had cancer, I've watched my mother die a horrible death, had serious marriage problems, had financial problems, watched my elderly father suffer in pain with serious health problems, and seen the countenance on his face because he misses mother so very much. I've faced the fear of my own oldest sons deployment to a far away country to fight in combat. I've had scabs on my knees from praying for that son, and now most recently he is expected to go blind in his left eye because of a blast from a bomb that he experienced.
But, this life is not all there is, there is an eternity in heaven with Jesus, and all of my focus is on that. I look beyond the fears, and aches, and pains of this life, and I just see Jesus. Just give me Jesus.


colorbrite said…
Miss DaisyAnne,
Thank you for sharing from your heart. A lot of things make me cry, & songs have a way of stirring the soul and emotions. You endure through hardships because of your deep grounded faith. Tears are very cleansing.It's okay to cry. Your posting reminded me of someone I once knew. We've lost touch because of distance but I recall when they shared with me that they couldn't cry. They wanted to so bad but couldn't. It's as if they were paralyzed in their emotions. It was because of 9/11 in NYC. I am glad you & I cry...
Jesus wept.
A Gracious Home said…
I cry when the Holy Spirit fills me to overflowing. A lot of songs do that to me including the one you mentioned. The song that touches me the most is Above All. Our church one Sunday used that song as they showed highlights of the movie of Christ dying on the cross. I'm in a crisis mode because of my health but I have complete peace because like you said, this is not my home. God has been so good to me. Our family uses that saying "If God never does another thing in my life I will praise Him forever because He sent His Son to save me." That's enough for us to live a life that is pleasing to him. Thanks, a great post.
Becky said…
I love this song too! It's a good kind of emotional to be. Do you know the song "Fingertips and Noses"?