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Review---"To Love Anew"

"To Love Anew"
Sydney Cove Series Book 1 by Bonnie Leon
This is an excellent story that left me greatly anticipating book 2 in the series.
Hannah Talbot is a young woman in England during the early 1800's. Her mother is an experienced seamstress and Hannah helps her mother in their family business. Hannah's mother dies unexpectedly and Hannah's life dramatically changes. A series of despairing events leads her to a venture to a far away continent.
John Bradshaw seems to have it all; a beautiful wife, a business, a nice home. John makes a decision to help a family member and then his life is altered forever.
The conditions of poverty, prison life, ship life, immigration, and other issues are covered in this book.
The reader is left wondering why people in previous centuries were unconcerned about the poor and the weak. It is illogical to me the penalty for a person that steals a bite of food because they are starving. Jesus had taught us in scripture that we were to feed the hungry, that when we fed the hungry we are feeding him as well. See Matthew 25: 31-46.
Maybe I am naive and not being realistic, there are still people who are unconcerned with the poor, the homeless, prisoners, the sick, and immigrants. These people are the outcasts, the unsuccessful, the low status of society; they are not attractive to look at, they are even disturbing and uncomfortable to look at. Many people are more concerned with the beautiful people, those people that make their living wearing designer clothing, throwing extravagant parties, spending money on the latest techno gadgets, and trading their current spouse for a newer more polished one. Or maybe the everyday average people are so consumed with making their own house payments, feeding their children, making it to work and then keeping their job, that they just don't have time to think about those "other people."
What can you do today for those "other people?"
Do you have a story to tell of when you helped someone in need?
Maybe you at some point in your life were a person in need?