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A Birthday

Tomorrow is my husband Jeff's 46Th birthday. More than likely it will be a day like any other day, this is what happens when we become adults. Baking a cake is impossible my kitchen counters are full of "stuff" that came out of my china cabinets. Possibly we can slip away for an ice cream, or dinner out.
Jeff is the hardest working man I've ever known, I know of no-one that can keep up with him. He is also loving, understanding, a great listener, dependable, and unselfish. He has such a tender look when he is with our grandchildren, those babies are everything to us. He has loved my parents as his own, and made the sacrifice to live without me during most of the week while I am caring for dad. No matter how busy he is at his job, when I call him he is available.

Happy Birthday sweetie!
I love you!


Good afternoon on this sizzling hot central Texas day. Our temperature is expected to reach 102.
We have workmen in our home this week and next, they are installing wood laminate flooring in most of the house. I am busy corralling our cat and my dad out of the way of the workmen. Furniture, china, crystal and knickknacks are dispersed throughout the house; soon my books will need to find a tucked away nest for a little while. I am using this time to dust behind and underneath furniture. I am sorting through books, and other "things I thought I needed to keep" and setting them aside for a future garage sale.

The following are noteworthy posts I found on the blogs I follow.

I follow 44 blogs, a new blog I started following today is Beth Moore's blog @ livingproofministries. Beth is leading an online Jennifer Rothschild Bible study "Me, Myself and Lies." The summer study sign up is on the post from June 23.

titus2atthewell the June 25 post "Wisdom in Marriage.&qu…

Question Of The Week #25

"Question Of The Week #25" by Becky @ Operation Actually Read Bible.

"Do you like to talk about the Bible with other people? Do you like to have Biblical discussions? Debates? Arguments? Passionate Ramblings?"

I love to talk and discuss about the Bible with other people. I do not debate, argue, nor ramble passionately. I have no desire to take part in debating, I know there are many fellow Christians that love to debate, not I. Why? For one it is not in my personality to do so, and I think it is a waste of time to do so. To me arguing and raising my voice only makes the other person offended and closed off; the debate and argument becomes a focus of who is right and who is wrong, or who with skill can win the argument.

Question Of The Week #24

"Question Of The Week #24" from Becky at "Operation Actually Read Bible."

"At what age did you earnestly start to read the Scriptures? What motivated you?"

I was 2 months shy of turning 30 when I had a crisis of faith in my life, and I literally dived into reading and studying the Scriptures. Mornings after I took my children to school became my set aside time for Scripture reading and quiet time. I still have my daily devotional time in the mornings after I first wake up. I pour my first cup of coffee and sit down to read the Word.
In less than a year after starting the daily habit of Scripture reading I joined
Bible Study Fellowship, or BSF. I also have taken part over the years in Beth Moore studies.
I have completed the studies of "The Mind of Christ" by T. W. Hunt and Claude V. King, "Making Peace With Your Past" by Tim Sledge, several "Precepts" studies by Kay Arthur, and "The Search For Significance" by Robert S. …

Interlude-Interview With A Blogger

The blogger interview for the month of June is with my friend and fellow blogger, Becky from "Becky's Book Reviews," and also "Operation Actually Read Bible." She also has a blog for young readers, and she manages a Google reading book group, we are reading "Gone With The Wind" by Margaret Mitchell this summer.

1. Tell the story of how you came to start blogging?

In the summer of 2006, one of my professors started a blog. While I'd been slightly aware of what a blog was, I'd not really thought much about it before. But seeing her blog get started made me want to start one of my own. And in late August, "Becky's Book Reviews" was born. I've been blogging ever since! I've since started (and continue to maintain) two other blogs. Young Readers got started in July of 2007. And Operation Actually Read Bible got started in June of 2008.
As to why I wanted to blog, I wanted to create a place to share my thoughts on books. I wanted …

Update On My Dad

My elderly 86 year old dad fell in our front yard last Friday evening. Dad walks with the use of a walker with wheels, he said the brakes failed on his walker, but dad is very unsteady on his feet.
I took dad to the E. R., but because dad's skin is tissue paper thin, the doctor was unable to use stitches on dad's arm; his injury is several cuts on the inside of his right forearm. Dad did not break anything, we are so glad that he did not. I took dad in to his doctor's office yesterday morning for wound dressing changes, I will change the dressing Thursday morning. There is still oozing from the site, the tears were clean tears. It broke my heart and I wanted to sit on the ground with him and cry after he fell, but no time for that, my focus was to take him to the E.R.
As caregiver of dad, one of my greatest fears is him falling. Dad has fallen several times, but always up against furniture, the closet door, the wall. This was his first significant injury from falling.
I am no…


I follow 43 blogs, it is too rare that I take the time to visit all 43 blogs in one sitting. I just now visited with each of the blogs that I follow, and have several that I would like to share with my readers that I found noteworthy. The blogs that I follow are on the process of writing, Jane Austen, book reviewing, reading challenges, and inspirational writing. The post on "Competition in Ministry." June 15, 2009 The post on "An Extension of Ourselves." June 16, 2009 The post on "Defining Your Present With Your Past." June 16, 2009 The post on criminal justice and servants from June 14 and 16, 2009 The post on "When To Stop Editing." June 15, 2009 The post on aiming to love others, "Preferring One Another." June 14, 2009


Blogging For Books

I am pleased to announce that I have been chosen by WaterBrook Multnomah a division of Random House Inc., to be a book reviewer in there Blogging for Books Program.
I will receive emails from them with invitations to take part in blog tours. I will receive a book to read and review, post on my blog the review, and notify Multnomah that I have posted a review.
I will also be hosting a give away of the books to one of my blessed readers!
Happy reading!

Bible Reading Challenge

I have finished 1st and 2nd Timothy, Titus, and Philemon. I am now reading in Hebrews, today I finished reading chapter 3. I am reading through the book of Psalms this month, today I finished reading chapter 45.
The apostle Paul is considered the author of 1st and 2nd Timothy, Titus, and Philemon. In the past 200 years many Bible scholar's have changed in their thinking that Paul was the author, believing these letters are different then in his earlier letters. In my opinion the reasons they give are not valid, I believe Paul did write these letters.
1st Timothy was written about 63 A.D., where as 2nd Timothy was written sometime between 63-68 A.D. Paul wrote both letters to his young faithful friend and co-worker Timothy. Timothy was the pastor of the Church in Ephesus. Paul encouraged Timothy in his important Church work. An important theme in both letters is sound doctrine and confront false teaching. Paul wrote at the end of 2nd Timothy that he "was being poured out like …

Question Of The Week #23

"Question of the Week #23"
"What are your goals for the summer?"

My reading goals for this summer, is to read the books that are stacked up near my reading chair, which is not a new goal, but a goal that needs to be met.
My second goal in reading is to finish reading the New Testament by the middle of July, and continue reading the Old Testament through to the end of the year until finished.
My third goal is to finish the Revelation study I started in May. I am working through John MacArthur's study on the book of Revelation. I am currently in chapter 4 of Revelation. I am also reading "The Revelation of John" by William Barclay.
My fourth goal is to read books that I would not usually choose to read, examples are: "All The Pretty Horses" by Cormac McCarthy, "Gone With The Wind" by Margaret Mitchell, "A Wrinkle in Time" by Madeleine L'Engle, "Island of the Blue Dolphins" by…

Question Of The Week #22

Question Of The Week #22

"What are you thankful for this week? Have you taken time to count your blessings lately?"
No, I have not taken the time to count my blessings lately, in fact I am in a fowl mood today.
There, I said it. But, as yet I don't feel better. Maybe I should go sit in the corner and cry,
maybe that would make me feel better.
I am feeling overwhelmed with the pressure of my job as caregiver of my dad, my inability to take a break. I seem to have too many people surrounding me that have problems that they need my help with. I have grandchildren that I cannot spend as much time with as I'd like, and they live in the same town as I do. There is squabbling and tempers flaring amongst my own sisters and brothers, it is the same "song and dance, a different stanza." My dad has an infection on his chin. I miss my husband. I need a hug. At that last small sentence, my tears flow. And another thing, Satan got on my…

Fragrance Of Life

The apostle Paul did not want the approval of men, nor to please men. His focus, his life, his whole occupation or mission, was on fulfilling the task that God had given him to do. He was God's servant. Paul's task had been given to him on the road to Damascus-directly from God Himself. Paul regarded all his tasks as God given tasks.
God gives tasks to all of us-it might be tasks that history will remember, or maybe no one will ever know. But it is all for God.
As believer's in Jesus Christ, we live for an audience of one, and that is Jesus.

What is your tasks, or tasks?

Bible Reading Challenge

When I last posted an update on my Bible Reading Challenge I was reading 2 Corinthians, since then I've finished Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 Thessalonians, and 2 Thessalonians, and Micah.
Usually I have posted a little information on each of the books that I read, I will continue this, but make each book brief.
Micah.... I know you are wondering where did he come from in my steady stream of reading in the New Testament, well I recently taught 2 women's Bible fellowship classes on this Old Testament book. Micah was actually a great study to teach from, I taught chapters 4-7. In those few chapters, we learned about the prophesies of the judgment over Jerusalem and the kingdom falling to the Babylonians, the story of Christ Jesus' birth, the "future" reigning of Christ Jesus in Jerusalem, and that God would always preserve a faithful remnant of believer's. In chapter 7 Micah the rural country prophet was waiting, waiting on God, trusting in Go…

Book Review, "Valley Of Promises"

"Valley of Promises, The Matanuska series Book 1" by Bonnie Leon

The Christian fiction author Bonnie Leon I have just recently discovered. I had recently read and posted on 1 of her other books, "To Love Anew."
To me the most important aspect in a fiction book is to have "colorful characters." Characters in books should become flesh and bone to the reader, they should have strong personalities, idiosyncrasies, habits. A character in a book should breathe and become a solid person ready to walk out of the pages. Bonnie Leon does a excellent job in creating her characters, and in writing books that are a pleasure to read.
"Valley of Promises" is book 1, telling the story of a group of people that left the upper Midwest during the depression years and immigrated to a remote area of Alaska. The immigration and resettlement was created by the government to help farmers during those bleak years of the great depression.
There are several families introduc…

Question Of The Week #21

Question Of The Week #21 Brought to you by Becky

"How about a question about questions this week. What kinds of questions if any do you want to see asked for this "Question of the Week" feature? Is the lack of participation due to bad questions? Are my questions too shallow? Too deep? Too personal? Too irrelevant? Too repetitive? Too mindless? Too boring? If you want "Question of the Week" to continue in the future, think of a few questions you'd like to see presented at a future date on "Question of the Week." I'm asking you to take a few minutes of your time and give back. Be honest. I can take it. Really. If there is zero interest in this feature, then I'll stop this one. I might think of something to replace it. Another interactive type feature that is more open ended than answering a specific question. So make that question two or three. Would you be more interested in stopping by weekly if it wa…