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A Birthday

Tomorrow is my husband Jeff's 46Th birthday. More than likely it will be a day like any other day, this is what happens when we become adults. Baking a cake is impossible my kitchen counters are full of "stuff" that came out of my china cabinets. Possibly we can slip away for an ice cream, or dinner out.
Jeff is the hardest working man I've ever known, I know of no-one that can keep up with him. He is also loving, understanding, a great listener, dependable, and unselfish. He has such a tender look when he is with our grandchildren, those babies are everything to us. He has loved my parents as his own, and made the sacrifice to live without me during most of the week while I am caring for dad. No matter how busy he is at his job, when I call him he is available.

Happy Birthday sweetie!
I love you!


cathy b. said…
Golly he sounds wonderful!!!
And he's quite handsome too.
Thank you, I think he is handsome also.