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Book Review, "Valley Of Promises"

"Valley of Promises, The Matanuska series Book 1" by Bonnie Leon

The Christian fiction author Bonnie Leon I have just recently discovered. I had recently read and posted on 1 of her other books, "To Love Anew."
To me the most important aspect in a fiction book is to have "colorful characters." Characters in books should become flesh and bone to the reader, they should have strong personalities, idiosyncrasies, habits. A character in a book should breathe and become a solid person ready to walk out of the pages. Bonnie Leon does a excellent job in creating her characters, and in writing books that are a pleasure to read.
"Valley of Promises" is book 1, telling the story of a group of people that left the upper Midwest during the depression years and immigrated to a remote area of Alaska. The immigration and resettlement was created by the government to help farmers during those bleak years of the great depression.
There are several families introduced to us in book 1; the main family is Will and Jean Harper and their children: Laurel, Luke, Justin, Brian, and baby Susie.
The oldest of their children is Laurel age 19, the book focuses more on her development throughout the story. Laurel has hopes and dreams for her future, but she is torn between them and what is best for her family.
The book describes for the reader what the despair of the great depression felt like; the book also describes the strong bonds of love in the Harper family. Will and Jean Harper have strong faith and they rely on the Lord for all things, they "live" their faith in Jesus.


Bonnie Leon said…
Annette, thanks for the great review--especially on one of my older books. Very cool. :-]

Thank you Bonnie for the sweet words!
And thank you for stopping by.