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Question Of The Week #25

"Question Of The Week #25" by Becky @ Operation Actually Read Bible.

"Do you like to talk about the Bible with other people? Do you like to have Biblical discussions? Debates? Arguments? Passionate Ramblings?"

I love to talk and discuss about the Bible with other people. I do not debate, argue, nor ramble passionately. I have no desire to take part in debating, I know there are many fellow Christians that love to debate, not I. Why? For one it is not in my personality to do so, and I think it is a waste of time to do so. To me arguing and raising my voice only makes the other person offended and closed off; the debate and argument becomes a focus of who is right and who is wrong, or who with skill can win the argument.


I love to argue, I love to debate and I love to be right. All reasons I don't anymore. I find it turns people off more than it helps further the Kingdom of God. Now I just try to love people and leave the arguing to others. I try to let my actions speak for my beliefs and answer questions as they come up.
Shawn H