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Good afternoon on this sizzling hot central Texas day. Our temperature is expected to reach 102.
We have workmen in our home this week and next, they are installing wood laminate flooring in most of the house. I am busy corralling our cat and my dad out of the way of the workmen. Furniture, china, crystal and knickknacks are dispersed throughout the house; soon my books will need to find a tucked away nest for a little while. I am using this time to dust behind and underneath furniture. I am sorting through books, and other "things I thought I needed to keep" and setting them aside for a future garage sale.

The following are noteworthy posts I found on the blogs I follow.

I follow 44 blogs, a new blog I started following today is Beth Moore's blog @ livingproofministries. Beth is leading an online Jennifer Rothschild Bible study "Me, Myself and Lies." The summer study sign up is on the post from June 23.

titus2atthewell the June 25 post "Wisdom in Marriage."

cjdarlington the June 24 and June 19 posts on advice for writers.

sherry-latebloomer her posts on her grandmother is as interesting as any historical novel, see posts on June 21 and 22. Sherry is an artist and frequently displays posts of her artwork, she is multi-talented.

janitesonthejames See post on June 25 and maybe win a copy of "Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict" by Laurie Viera Rigler.

toscamoon See the post on June 26 and read what the writer Angela Hunt reads.

gardenofhope-garnetrose The post "Trial After Death" on June 23 is sobering.

It is a joy to be apart of a phenomenal blogging community. There is such talent, devotion, creativity, and dedication; they are all an inspiration to me.