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Update On My Dad

My elderly 86 year old dad fell in our front yard last Friday evening. Dad walks with the use of a walker with wheels, he said the brakes failed on his walker, but dad is very unsteady on his feet.
I took dad to the E. R., but because dad's skin is tissue paper thin, the doctor was unable to use stitches on dad's arm; his injury is several cuts on the inside of his right forearm. Dad did not break anything, we are so glad that he did not. I took dad in to his doctor's office yesterday morning for wound dressing changes, I will change the dressing Thursday morning. There is still oozing from the site, the tears were clean tears. It broke my heart and I wanted to sit on the ground with him and cry after he fell, but no time for that, my focus was to take him to the E.R.
As caregiver of dad, one of my greatest fears is him falling. Dad has fallen several times, but always up against furniture, the closet door, the wall. This was his first significant injury from falling.
I am now more afraid of leaving the house than before, what is he falls when I'm not here and then he would have to wait until I came home. My outings are quick, to the library, the grocery store, to the bank.
As always dad has a positive outlook and a smile on his face.
It has been heartrending to watch dad, and in the years that mother was sick with Alzheimer's, to watch them slowly deteriorate and become increasingly frail.
I feel as if I am watching an old clock become increasingly slower and slower, knowing that eventually it will stop.


cathy b. said…
Dear one, you are in my prayers. Where is your church in this? You should have help and respite so you can get out with more convidence?
Annette said…
Your father sounds so much like my gramma before she passed in September. My mom cared for her. Though I live several hours away, it always amazed me at her commitment.

Thanks for loving your father. I'm sorry to hear he fell.
No, our church does not have a respite program. Two of the men in my dad's Sunday school class come to visit on occasion, but they are up in age also. My husband and younger son help me with dad when they are in town, which is on the weekends. As time goes by eventually I'll have to hire help, but I'm holding off as long as possible.
Thank you.