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Review-"Ambushed By Grace"

"Ambushed By Grace, Help and Hope On The Caregiving Journey" by Shelly Beach
Discovery House Publishers, Published 2008, 204 pages

Often I have authors stop by my blog and comment (graciously) on my review of their book.
Shelly if you stop by, I felt as if this book was personally addressed to me. It was a letter that I needed to read. Thank you.

During the summer of 1996 my mother was diagnosed with what we, her family, already suspected, that mother had Alzheimer's. We never discussed this with mother, I do not know if she ever knew her diagnosis. The decision to not discuss this with mother was my dad's decision, it was his way of protecting her, and his way of not having to face the dreaded word, Alzheimer's.
Mother's progression of the disease was slowly at first, but by 1999 she needed assistance in bathing, dressing, and she would wander off. I tried hiring people to help dad, he fired all of them, he only wanted me. He and I worked together to care for mot…


Review-"Anathema" by Colleen Coble, Published 2008, Thomas Nelson Inc., 328 pages and

"Anathema" is a Romantic Times Magazine top pick

Hannah is a young Amish woman living in Parke County, Indiana with her parents. Hannah has made the choice to have a forbidden relationship with an Englisch beau. After an unthinkable act Hannah is faced with the arduous task of trying to forgive, but she cannot. She makes a desperate decision that will have long lasting consequences.
"Anathema" was an enjoyable read, I was swept away by the story of Hannah.
The Amish people are a mystery and an interest to many of us and books on Amish are popular.
"Anathema" is a part mystery, part romantic, part Christian fiction book on faith and forgiveness.
I am impressed with the author's ability to show polar personality traits in her characters; soft and meek, yet rebellious and tenacious. Even though at times I was impatient with s…

Review-"Blue Like Play Dough"

Review--"Blue Like Play Dough" By Tricia Goyer, WaterBrookMultnomah, Published 2009, 197 pages

While reading "Blue Like Play Dough" I was reminded of a long ago memory that I had shelved and placed way back in my memory bank.
When I was 19 or maybe 20, I was standing in a grocery check out line holding my son David that was about 1 at the time. David was sick with a bad cold, and I was anxious to purchase the few items I had and then hurry back home. A woman standing in another line to my right stated loudly to me, "is that your baby, you look like you are about 14." Several other people standing nearby stared at me. I was embarrassed, humiliated, and I intensely disliked the attraction I'd caused.
I don't remember saying anything. I just remember the feeling that all eyes were on me and that I was judged as being too young, unmarried, and foolish.
I was young, but married, and yes sometimes I was and still am foolish…

"Question Of The Week #30"

"Question Of The Week #30" From Becky @ Operation Actually Read Bible

"What time of the day do you like to read the Bible?"
I prefer to have my devotional time and Bible reading time in the morning just after I wake up, and with coffee in hand. I have noticed that if I wait till later in the day I feel out of sorts all day. Even though I am a night owl and you would think that night would be the best time for me to have my Bible reading time, I prefer the beginning of my day-the morning.

"Question Of The Week #29"

"Question Of The Week #29" From Becky @ Operation Actually Read Bible

"How do you balance reading Christian books, Bible, non fiction, fiction, with your other reading? Does your Christian reading get pushed to the side at times? Why or why not?"

It is my secular reading that ends up being pushed to the side. I keep up with my daily devotional time and Bible reading, and prayer time. I keep up with my Christian fiction reading. Much of my reading time during the week is spent in preparation for Sunday's Bible lessons.
I have to prioritize my reading just as I prioritize everything else in my life. I put Christian reading first, others second.


I had 2 new visitors to my blog this week.
Karen Rabbitt author of "Trading Fathers, Forgiving Dad, Embracing God." Please see her websites at Trading Fathers and Karen Rabbitt.
Audra the publicist of Bonnie Grove author of "Talking To The Dead" has invited me to be apart of the blog review for Bonnie.
I have finished reading the new book by Tricia Goyer "Blue Like Play Dough." This book will be my first book review for Waterbrook Multnomah--"Blogging For Books" program. The Blog tour for this book is July 27-31. Please see Waterbrook Multnomah website.

Blissful Reading!


I follow 43 blogs. The noteworthy blogs that I have found in the past few days are:

The post "On Jesuslessness" by Jared Wilson posted July 19 on Already Not Yet,
Peter Cockrell is the author of this blog.

New book by Shelly Beach a review posted by C. J. Darlington (author of this blog) on July 18.

Luscious photo's of Victorian ladies at Inspire. Rita Gerlach is the author of this blog and she recently received copies of her book "Surrender The Wind" see post on July 14. Rita is quick to give God the glory! I say Amen to that!

The post "Jane Austen's Legacy: Precious Bits of Ivory Turned Into Monsters" over at
Jane Austen's World, dated July 18. The author of this blog is Ms. Place.

The blog Medieval Bookworm is a visually stimulating and professional looking blog, one of my favorites. The author of this blog is Meghan.

From My Friend Amy's Blog an announcement about "Book Blogger Appreciation Week" September 14-18, please see blog for…


Me in my home office. No more mystery, MissDaisyAnne-Annette.

"Question Of The Week # 28"

"Question Of The Week # 28" by Becky at Operation Actually Read Bible

"Are you involved in a Bible study or Sunday school class? Do you want to be?"

Yes, I am involved in a Bible study, but am on break now for the summer. In September I will be facilitating a group of Women in the Bible study "A Vision Of His Glory" by Anne Graham Lotz. This is a 6 week study held at my church. After this study another woman will lead another 6 week study entitled "Me, Myself, and Lies" by Jennifer Rothschild. At my church we have a Tuesday morning Women Bible study, we usually pick a Beth Moore study - 1 per semester. We voted to do a different kind of study for the fall semester.
I am a member of a women Sunday morning Bible fellowship class. I am the substitute teacher, and I was the previous teacher of this class until I moved away for a year. It maybe that I will soon become the teacher once again.

Interlude-Interview With A Fellow Blogger

My interview with a fellow blogger for the month of July is with Cathy B from Maryland. Her blog

1. Tell the story of how you came to start blogging?
"I had, and still have, a website at I use it to keep my family and friends informed about what is happening in my life. I also had some highlights in my life that have permanence only on these web pages.
I started blogging because I was reading other blogs and in order to comment on these blogs it was easier if I had a blog address of my own. It also became easier to post on a blog than to enter another page on my website.
My first blog entry had to do with my investigation of the ordinance of foot washing. And for at least a year I was investigating switching churches and recording my mixed feelings about that. I finally found another church. Last December and for several months, I used the blog as a way to keep friends and family informed about my recuperati…

Book Shopping

I went book shopping today at "LifeWay" Christian bookstore. I already had stacks of unread books.... heavy sigh! It is a lost cause.

New books:
"Spiritual Warfare, The Battle For God's Glory" by Jerry Rankin (I have started this book and it is difficult to put down.)
"Talking To The Dead" by Bonnie Grove.
"Breach Of Trust" by DiAnn Mills.
"The Rivers Run Dry" by Sibella Biorello.
I also bought 2 Bible studies; "The Vision Of His Glory" by Anne Graham Lotz--I will be facilitating this study in the fall, and "Me Myself and Lies" by Jennifer Rothschild--another study that I will be a member of this fall.

Blissful Reading to all!

"Question Of The Week # 27"

"Question Of The Week # 27" by Becky at Operation Read Bible

"What do you think is the best starting place for those wanting to get re-acquainted with the Word?"
My first thought after I read this question is that the person should first begin by prayer. Prayer sets the heart and mind in sync with hearing the Word and what God is wanting to tell the reader. If it has been a long period of time since a person has read Scripture, there has obviously been a reason for this falling away from it. Pour out your heart to God, express your need and desire to hear what He wants to tell you; ask for forgiveness for abandoning His Word.
The best and first place to start in re-acquainting with the Word is in the heart.

"I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands. I have hidden your Word in my heart that I might not sin against you." Psalm 119: 10-11

The word heart in Greek is Kardia a noun, meaning the seat of thought and emotion, inner self (com…

"Question Of The Week # 26"

"Question Of The Week # 26" from Becky @operationreadbible

"How is your Bible reading going? Are you meeting the goals you set earlier in the year? If you chose to go with a Bible reading plan, how is that going for you? Are you sticking with it? Have you experienced any setbacks along the way? Have you made Bible reading a habit, a discipline? What have you learned along the way? Do you have any words of wisdom you'd like to share?"

I had a big set back recently, our home was having wood laminate flooring installed in most of the rooms. Our job was to move furniture, unload china and curio cabinets, and unload books cases. Everything had to be moved to another room, then when the room was finished, move everything back into the room and then move the contents of the next room. During this big job, my dad had a boil on his chin, and he fell in our front yard and tore the skin on his inner right forearm (which needed a trip to the E.R.)
Our home is back in "or…

Review-"When The Nile Runs Red"

"When The Nile Runs Red" Diann Mills

I know of no other Christian authors that have written a Christian fiction book on Sudan, and the insurgency and war in that country. This book has characters and a storyline that are unlike what I've read in many of the other Christian fiction books. The characters and storyline bring the crisis in Sudan to the forefront of the reading audience by personalizing it, instead of a impersonal story on the 5 o'clock news.
For most of the people in Sudan everyday brings a new or continuing crisis; whether it is hunger and starvation, war, death of family members, loosing family members in the shuffle to evacuate, medical treatment, political unrest and the challenges of trusting the leaders.
Each of the main characters are believable, yet they are each defiant and strong-willed. Each of them live out their life with deep convictions; they are steadfast and determined because of the love that they have for Sudan.
The author gave descriptive…


We have had wood laminate flooring installed in most of the rooms in our home. It was a huge job to clean out china cabinets and curio cabinets, and books shelves in order to move the furniture out of the way. The house is nearly put back together. I have worked today on getting our office/library put back together. I have also during this process Spring cleaned and have a large pile for a future garage sale. I have had no time to read, no daily Bible readings.
My dad's boil on his chin has healed, his arm has healed where he had injured it when he fell.
Stay tuned, I will be back posting shortly!