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Book Shopping

I went book shopping today at "LifeWay" Christian bookstore. I already had stacks of unread books.... heavy sigh! It is a lost cause.

New books:
"Spiritual Warfare, The Battle For God's Glory" by Jerry Rankin (I have started this book and it is difficult to put down.)
"Talking To The Dead" by Bonnie Grove.
"Breach Of Trust" by DiAnn Mills.
"The Rivers Run Dry" by Sibella Biorello.
I also bought 2 Bible studies; "The Vision Of His Glory" by Anne Graham Lotz--I will be facilitating this study in the fall, and "Me Myself and Lies" by Jennifer Rothschild--another study that I will be a member of this fall.

Blissful Reading to all!


Karen Rabbitt said…
I got to your blog from a comment you left at The Vessel Project on April 5,09. Your last sentence...about Jesus saying "it's finished..."

Sounds like you are saying something I've been considering lately. That to Father/Jesus/Holy Spirit, the cross is "history"--no need to keep talking about it. Sin is dealt with, covered, done.

God, then, is about the future...the kingdom, the outworking of the bringing the kingdom, the preparation of the rooms in the Father's house...

Is that something like what you mean?
My response per an email I sent Karen Rabbitt.
"I will try and answer your question. Jesus said "It is finished" when he was on the cross. What He meant is that His work on the cross was finished, His propitiation for mankind's sin was completed, fulfilled. Yes, we should talk about the cross, because that and only that is what saves us, His shed blood on the cross. What we should not do is to continually harp on our own sins that have been forgiven by Jesus. I do believe that when it is helpful, we tell our testimony and that will be how Jesus has brought us to a saving grace in our life. In telling our testimony we may want to tell how our life was before we were a Christian (shady details are not important.) When we harp and beat ourselves up and pity ourselves because of the sin that we committed, we are doing a wrong, we are saying that Jesus died on the cross but it was not enough for "our sin."
Karen emailed me back that she believed the same as I do, and understood my comment given on another site.
Thank you.
Audra said…
I see that you bought Bonnie Grove's book - it is great!

Actually I'm Bonnie's publicist and wanted to know if you would like to be added to our blogger review list. If so, just email me at

Happy reading!

Thank you all for visiting my site!

Blissful Reading!