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"Question Of The Week # 26"

"Question Of The Week # 26" from Becky @operationreadbible

"How is your Bible reading going? Are you meeting the goals you set earlier in the year? If you chose to go with a Bible reading plan, how is that going for you? Are you sticking with it? Have you experienced any setbacks along the way? Have you made Bible reading a habit, a discipline? What have you learned along the way? Do you have any words of wisdom you'd like to share?"

I had a big set back recently, our home was having wood laminate flooring installed in most of the rooms. Our job was to move furniture, unload china and curio cabinets, and unload books cases. Everything had to be moved to another room, then when the room was finished, move everything back into the room and then move the contents of the next room. During this big job, my dad had a boil on his chin, and he fell in our front yard and tore the skin on his inner right forearm (which needed a trip to the E.R.)
Our home is back in "order," I now have a office/library/study room that used to be the ole television room. I am over-joyed with having a room all to my own for books, computer, desk, reading chair; this is my new "blogging office."
Our new flooring looks wonderful, easy to clean, smells much better than the old carpet that was in our home for far too long.
Daddy is well, his injury from falling and his boil on his chin have all healed.
I am back on task with reading my daily Bible readings, I am mid through with Revelation.
I have been following a daily Bible reading plan from the ESV website. The New Testament is read during a time of 6 months. I have read a couple of other Old Testament books: Micah and Esther, and I've read 1/2 of Psalms. When I am finished with Revelation I plan on finishing Psalms, and then maybe read the major prophets.
What words of wisdom would I share with my readers? When we become friends with someone, or when we are dating someone, we spend time with them trying to know them in a more intimate level. We grow in our relationship with Jesus in a more intimate and deeper level, when we spend time in His Word. How are we going to know Him if we don't spend time with Him, if we don't spend time with Him then we are really just in a casual relationship with Him. I don't want casual, I want a ever growing, and abiding, and intimate relationship with Him. I have an intimate relationship with Jesus because I read the Bible; the Bible tells me what He is like, what His plans are, and it tells me of His great love for me.