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Review-"Anathema" by Colleen Coble, Published 2008, Thomas Nelson Inc., 328 pages and

"Anathema" is a Romantic Times Magazine top pick

Hannah is a young Amish woman living in Parke County, Indiana with her parents. Hannah has made the choice to have a forbidden relationship with an Englisch beau. After an unthinkable act Hannah is faced with the arduous task of trying to forgive, but she cannot. She makes a desperate decision that will have long lasting consequences.
"Anathema" was an enjoyable read, I was swept away by the story of Hannah.
The Amish people are a mystery and an interest to many of us and books on Amish are popular.
"Anathema" is a part mystery, part romantic, part Christian fiction book on faith and forgiveness.
I am impressed with the author's ability to show polar personality traits in her characters; soft and meek, yet rebellious and tenacious. Even though at times I was impatient with some of the characters naivete, this was necessary for believable characters. Humans are not one sided in our personalities, and characters in books should not be either.
The book shows the repercussions of not forgiving, and the peace of forgiveness.
The book "Anathema" is a book of hope, courage, and the power of God's love.