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Review-"When The Nile Runs Red"

"When The Nile Runs Red" Diann Mills

I know of no other Christian authors that have written a Christian fiction book on Sudan, and the insurgency and war in that country. This book has characters and a storyline that are unlike what I've read in many of the other Christian fiction books. The characters and storyline bring the crisis in Sudan to the forefront of the reading audience by personalizing it, instead of a impersonal story on the 5 o'clock news.
For most of the people in Sudan everyday brings a new or continuing crisis; whether it is hunger and starvation, war, death of family members, loosing family members in the shuffle to evacuate, medical treatment, political unrest and the challenges of trusting the leaders.
Each of the main characters are believable, yet they are each defiant and strong-willed. Each of them live out their life with deep convictions; they are steadfast and determined because of the love that they have for Sudan.
The author gave descriptive settings of the geography of Sudan, the people that walked for days to be seen by a doctor, diseases, mosquitoes, wild animals, the heat. There is a incident with a snake early in the book, my heart raced anticipating what would happen.
Paul and Larson are a married couple devoted to one another, yet also devoted to the people of Sudan. More importantly they are devoted to God. They believe that their work in Sudan has been orchestrated by God, they seek His guidance and direction no matter the consequences. They have faith that no matter the outcome, God is still in control and some how he will work it all out.
"When The Nile Runs Red" is a book that inspires the reader to persevere during our own crisis, no matter how fearful we are, God is still sovereign, He is still on His throne.

Blissful Reading to all!