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New Challenge

Last Tuesday after breakfast dad said, "I have something I need to tell you." Whenever dad says those words my ears perk up because I know he is going to tell me he has a new health problem.
Dad told me he was seeing double vision.
I immediately made an eye appointment for him, we were in luck someone had just canceled their appointment and we were able to see the doctor the next day. I also called the Walmart pharmacy to check and see if any of dad's medications might could cause the double vision. They encouraged me to contact his primary care doctor. Early Wednesday morning dad had blood work, then later he saw the eye doctor and then his primary care doctor.
Dad has been diagnosed with 6Th Nerve Palsy in the right eye. The 6Th nerve controls the muscle in that area of his right eye, diabetes has caused the nerve to not work. This condition is supposed to last 2-3 months, and it has already gotten worse (which we were told it would.) Dad's right eye crosses. He has a patch to wear on that right eye which helps. Dad can read fine, the double vision occurs at distance.
I had been taking dad to Target to walk, but we are not comfortable with him doing this now. Dad was already unsteady on his feet, his balance is bad, he is weak in the legs. The double vision has made his walking more difficult. I am concerned that what strength he had, what balance he had, will now diminish with his inability to exercise. We have a stationary bicycle on our porch that he can ride, but only with me standing nearby.
Dad is positive, a joy, a blessing.
I told him that just as a smile is infectious to others, his positive outlook and his joy is infectious to others, and in that he is a blessing.