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Review-"The Hope of Refuge"

There is a wonderful video interview of Cindy Woodsmall from 20/20 at

"The Hope of Refuge, An Ada's House Novel" by Cindy Woodsmall, WaterBrook Multnomah, published 8-11-2009, 341 pages.

Cara and her young daughter Lori are living in New York City where Cara works as a waitress.
Cara has lived a life of fear, mistrust of people, loneliness, insecurity, and hardship. Cara has built a wall of protection between her and other people in order to try and protect herself and Lori.
There is a warped man in the shadows stalking Cara. Cara and Lori escape to an Amish community in Pennsylvania. A kind Amish man named Ephraim takes it upon himself to help them. Cara struggles against the lifestyle of the Amish, and Ephraim struggles against his community in being uncomfortable with having an Englisch woman living amongst them.
Ephraim has a sister named Deborah, she is planning a wedding with a man named Mahlon. Deborah has been in love with Mahlon and has planned for a future with him for a long time. Mahlon is acting odd and secretive, Deborah is at a loss as to what to do.
I am expecting this book to be on the best seller list, it is marvelous.
In my earlier posts on the previous 3 books that Cindy Woodsmall had written on the Amish, she continues in this new Amish series with a new and stronger heroine, Cara. Cara is even more strong and independent in personality than the previous character Hannah in the "Sisters of the Quilt" series. Cara has a sharp bite in her demeanor, she is street smart some might say. She is mistrustful of men, she spends most of her thinking of surviving and providing for Lori.
Cara's character is complicated, coarse, dramatic, unpretentious, and she makes a bold statement for an Amish story. She is paired with a calm, focused, patient, determined, kind, and thoughtful Amish man Ephraim. These two characters though are harmonious.
The moving storyline sweeps the reader away, there are multiple plots, a wide variety of character types, and the book gives the reader a general feel and better understanding of the Amish way of life.
I feel the book is organized well in giving a main character list and glossary in the back of the book.
I highly recommend this book!

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