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Review-"Mark Of The Cross"

"Mark Of The Cross" by Judith Pella, Bethany House Publishers, Published 2006
448 pages

"Mark Of The Cross" is a saga of Philip de Tollard and Beatrice Marlowe. The time period stretches from 1263 to 1273. The story is set in southern England, France, and Jerusalem.
This is the age of knights, crusades, ladies in waiting, the fight for lands and power, the strength of the Monarchy, and women being used as pawns in the struggle for power, control, or dowries.
Philip is the illegitimate son of an English Lord, the legitimate son is Gareth. Gareth and his mother are both equally vengeful, calculating, manipulative, hateful, evil.
Beatrice is the only living child of Edmond Marlowe, Lord of Cassley Manor.
Philip and Beatrice as youth fall in love, yet much evil stands in their way.
Their story carefully and gradually unfolds through the chapters of the book and the chapters of their lives as they age. Various trials accompany them and the reader is inspired by both of their acts of heroism. There are many tense moments in the book, I felt the author was conveying a message to the readers about the act of waiting for God's answer, waiting in patience and in prayer.
All of the characters in the book were strong, vibrant, believable.
I enjoyed not being able to figure out the ending. The plot was unanticipated and this added to my pleasure of continuous reading of the adventure.
Their story is a story of God's forgiveness and blessings, that which we do not deserve, His perfect amazing grace.
I loved this book!

Blissful Reading!