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Review-"Rose House"

"Rose House" Book #2 in the "La Rosaleda" Series, by Tina Ann Forkner
WaterBrook Multnomah, a division of Random House
310 pages

The main character is Lillian Diamon and she has mourned not only the loss of her family, but her hopes and dreams, those she trusted, and her stability. She has been living in a fog, going through each day, and not wanting to live the life she has been left with. The book displays her struggle to move forward.
The setting is the Sonoma Valley of California.
I love the opening first line of the book.
"It seemed to be a cottage that was alive..."
Great first lines in books set the spark that will keep the reader reading.
I felt like something was missing in this book, maybe more struggle and depth of feeling from Lillian, we the readers are only taken to a certain point in Lillian's depth of sadness and pain.
I felt that her new love interest character came on too fast in the developing of their relationship. In real life it would have appeared suspicious and something to have been more carefully thought about.
The cover of the book (which is something I do not mention enough) was exceptionally beautiful.
The author embarked on issues that are tenderly guarded by a thick wall by many people.
Forgiveness and reconciliation is expressed in this story. The conviction that should precede it is not examined enough.
The plot is enticing and keeps the interest of the reader, but I longed for more insight into the hearts of its characters.

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Tina said…
Annette, thank you for posting about Rose House and for your honest, but kind and sensitive review. I just love to see how different readers are touched by a book. I am so glad that you found some nice things to enjoy about it. Peace. :-)
Thank you Tina, you are a gracious person. Please visit A Well-Watered Garden again!