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Review-"The Sweet Gum Ladies Knit For Love"

"The Sweetgum Ladies Knit For Love" by Beth Pattillo
WaterBrook Multnomah a division of Random House
354 pages

"The Sweetgum Ladies" is a group of 6 women that meet to knit and discuss books. Sweetgum is an "everybody knows everybody" town in Tennessee. The group leader of this knit and book group is Eugenie and she chooses, "Great Love Stories in Literature" as the theme for a series of books they will read.
The title of the book could fool an unsuspecting reader into thinking this is a bubble gum-light read. The book is a panoramic view of many characters in the town of Sweetgum, not just the 6 women that meet for knitting and book discussion. I kept notes on all of the characters and their stories and this helped me to not get lost. Each of the 6 women are examples of women from different walks of life. The town of Sweetgum itself is mapped out, the reader becomes apart of the town as if we too are strolling the sidewalk on our way to a football game.
I loved the hometown feel of knowing the people that live in the town of Sweetgum. I loved the variety of women, each with a differing story. I loved that I could relate to many of their stories.
The 1 thing I would have liked is a character list in the book.

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