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Review-"When The Heart Cries"

"When The Heart Cries" by Cindy Woodsmall, WaterBrook Multnomah, Published 9-19-2006,
328 pages

"When The Heart Cries" is book 1 in the "Sisters of the Quilt" series.
All three books in the 'Sisters of the Quilt" series are engrossing and hard to put down.
The books follow the story of Hannah Lapp, the eldest daughter of an Old Order Amish family living in Pennsylvania. Hannah is an independent minded girl of 17 when book one begins, she has a blossoming relationship with a Mennonite boy named Paul. An incomprehensible act happens that turns Hannah's world upside down, and she is shaken, shocked. She wanders in a fog, not knowing what to do. The book ends with Hannah making a defiant decision.
"When The Heart Cries" is the authors first novel and it is brilliant.
I am taken with the main character Hannah, and wish that more in the series was possible.
Hannah's story is haunting and unforgettable.
I loved the different type of characters amongst not only the Englisch, but in the Mennonite and the Old Order Amish. The mix of characters were inspirational, choleric, persevering, profane, stoic, and determined.
The reader is given a descriptive depth into the lives of the Old Order Amish and also the Mennonite.
In book one the ground work is presented and the plot is building.

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