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Review-"When The Morning Comes"

"When The Morning Comes" by Cindy Woodsmall, WaterBrook Multnomah, Published 9-4-2007, 322 pages.

"When The Morning Comes" is book 2 in the "Sisters of the Quilt".
Hannah has began anew. She has left the Old Order Amish, the community that had been all she knew. She has left her family and friends. She is now living in a new place.
Hannah has goals that she is achieving and new friends. Her life is busy with day to day activities living in the Englisch world. Her mind often returns to those she left behind in Owl's Perch, Pennsylvania.
The series of books also follow the lives of Hannah's family and friends in Pennsylvania, her sister Sarah, brother Luke, best friend Mary, and friend Matthew. Hannah's old love Paul is also followed along in the books. New characters are introduced in book 2, these are the people that are in the "Englisch world."
Hannah is 2 people; 1 from the Old Order Amish, and 1 living in the "world." When reading book 2 I wondered how she would reconcile the 2. I also wondered if she would return to her former community and face her family. I was inspired by Hannah's strength in persevering after her crisis.
Book 2 is just as wonderful as book 1. I read all 3 in this series in 3 days, I just could not put them down.

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