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Book Blogger Appreciation Week

One time a year in September a Book Blogger Appreciation Week is held. This years appreciation week is September 14-18, 2009.
Over at My Friend Amy is where I keep tabs on how the week is going and about the contest.
There is also a blog specifically entitled Book Blogger Appreciation Week.
Book Blogger Appreciation Week is more than voting and then giving out awards for best blogs; it is a time to celebrate and bring attention to all of the hard work and creativity, and of course the tons of books that are read, by all of the bloggers out there that read and post reviews.
Book reviews once upon a time was done by "professionals" those that were professors, teachers, editors, other authors, etc.
Book reviews by the lay reading community brings the review to me in to much better focus. Most of us in the reading community are not book editors, we are everyday people that love to read.
Those of us that blog about books are the dedicated bibliophiles---meaning we are passionate and zealous about reading!
Book blogs come in all kinds of sizes, colors, and reading genre's.
Some bloggers have new blogs, and some bloggers have blogs that they've had for several years.
Some bloggers are only able to post monthly, some weekly, and there are those that are able to faithfully post everyday some tidbit, maybe about a book they've read or something more personal from their life.
Having a blog to me is more than a hobby or passing fancy, it is apart of my everyday routine of life---I must often check on my site, answer comments, visit blogger friends blogs, read and as professionally and honestly and tactfully as possible post a review. I must also remain teachable and pliable in changing my blog and keeping up with trends (even if I choose to not go with the flow, I must see what others are doing.)
I have been enriched by becoming friends with other readers and bloggers, I have been enthralled to become friends with authors.

This has been a task that has benefited me in many ways:
1. The experience of writing and all that writing entails.
2. Expressing myself creatively through a blog.
3. Meeting new friends both bloggers and authors.
4. Reaching out to others that need to hear of books that I've read that have touched me, or that may help them with an issue.
5. Hearing of books that I'd not heard of before, not come in contact with, and also in branching out in my own reading interests.

I believe I first began blogging in 2006 over at WordPress.
In 2007 I began a blog on Blogger and then later in 2007 I began a second blog on Blogger.
I had heard of blogging on Shelfari, not really knowing what they were talking about I visited a blog and was enticed to begin one of my own.
WordPress was not as user friendly as Blogger is, it took me while to get the hang of it. I became more computer savy though because WordPress was a little more difficult.
I have no plans to end my blogging, although my blog @ A Well-Watered Garden is my more faithful posting place. I plan to keep my other blog which was my first blog on Blogger
Miss Daisy Anne Garden.
I remained hidden in mystery behind the name Miss Daisy Anne for a long time, after all I am a private kind of gal.

Blissful Blogging!