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Review-"If God Is Good" by Randy Alcorn

Review-"If God Is Good... Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil" By Randy Alcorn
Multnomah Books, A Division of Random House, Published 2009
512 Total Pages--494 Pages of Reading

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Review: "If God Is Good" is a phenomenally excellent read!
The book faces the question that many in the Christian community do not want to discuss; why do bad things happen if God is good? Why is there pain and suffering? Why does God allow this?
Randy Alcorn not only addresses these questions, but he also addresses the comments and books written by several atheists.
Randy Alcorn writes a contemplative and convicting book.
The book makes a Christian face and think, and come to a realization of those hard questions that are prickly-uncomfortable to answer.
There was heavy research and interviewing for the book, much time was spent by the author.
The author writes an easy to understand message, he organizes well, the chapters are short yet a wealth of information, the many applications and real life stories are timely and memorable.
The book is long on pages, I had a goal of 100 pages per day, this was easily achieved and gave me a chance to think about each section that I'd read for the day.

This book has done more than coax me to examine myself, it has convicted me of my own selfish, wrongly guided, pitiful thinking. I will only say that since my own mothers 18 plus years of Alzheimer's, and then her death in 2008 that took 3 weeks to complete. I have had loose threads of grief and how else can I explain it, but unshed tears of why? Randy if you read this review, thank you, with tears in my eyes, thank you. I feel as if a weight has been lifted.

I have read 86 books so far in 2009, "If God Is Good" by Randy Alcorn I consider it the best read--the most important read (with the exception of the Bible) of any other book I've read this year!

Blissful Reading!