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Review-"In The Arms Of Immortals"

"In The Arms Of Immortals, A Novel of Darkness and Light" by Ginger Garrett
"Chronicles Of The Scribe Book 2"
David C. Cook B&B Media Group, Inc.
Published 2009
291 pages of reading, plus additional pages in the back of the book: Q & A with Ginger Garrett, Discussion Questions, information on Black Death, author information.

Another wonderful story from Ginger Garrett!
It is A.D. 1347 Sicily, and we are introduced to the fearsome Black Death.
This is a story of a group of people that lived on the island of Sicily: people that were merchants and tradesman, a priest, a wealthy baron and his proud daughter, a knight, an outcast healer that many believed to be a witch.
There is also an angelic presence called the Scribe that weaves the story to another woman that is of our time period.
There is a mysterious ship that docks at the harbor and shortly afterwards people become horribly ill and die.
The people are ignorant of what to do, or why they have been stricken with this disease.
They panic and do not know where to turn to for help. Innocent people are blamed out of ignorance.
I love how the writer told a story with a bit of everything: mystery, drama, love story, family problems, horror, and inspirational story.
I love the depth and variety of characters. The descriptions of the characters made me believe that they lived and breathed in my visual presence.
I love how the story builds and builds never letting the reader even blink an eye.
This second book as was the first book has a lovely photo cover, and an enticing title and medieval looking typeface.
The story goes back and forth from present time to A.D. 1347, yet I never had a problem keeping up with the story.
I was enthralled by every scene, and every act of the characters.
The everyday life of people that lived during the 1300's were written in such a way that I feel more knowledgeable about them: how they made their living, their daily lives, their dependence on the Church, illiteracy, and the stark contrast between the wealthy and the poor.
The descriptions of the Black Death were gruesome and heart wrenching.
Ginger Garrett has written a savory tale.

I absolutely recommend reading "In The Arms Of Immortals" and if you have not already read book 1 of "The Chronicles Of The Scribe Series"---Read the first book "In The Shadow of Lions."
There will be a book 3 in this series....and I cannot wait!

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Blissful Reading!