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Review-"In The Shadow Of Lions"

"In The Shadow Of Lions, Book 1 Chronicles Of The Scribe" by Ginger Garrett
David C. Cook The B&B Media Group, Inc. Published 2008
310 pages of reading, plus bonus material-epilogue, notes to the reader, discussion questions.

Absolutely a fascinating and enjoyable read!
The opening line catches the reader in a grip and does not let go until the end.

"Tomorrow, someone else will die in my bed....."

The reader is told the tale through an angel, yet not an angel that resembles preconceived ideas of what an angel looks like.
Ginger Garrett has written a gripping tale of the days of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and Thomas More. She weaves in a story of a fictional woman named Rose, a sad and despondent young woman.
The story moves back and forth from present time to the historical past during the reign of Henry VIII. I never had a problem keeping up with the characters, nor the time period.
It is a complex book and plots build with crescendo, I kept in constant focus while reading it.
The picture on the cover of the book and type face of the title is stunning.
The type face of each chapter heading inside of the book carries on the mood and setting of the time period of Henry VIII.
The additional author's notes on the story and the personal notes to the reader gave deeper explanation for the basis of the book.
The imagination and creativity that went in to the story was phenomenally entertaining, and unlike most of the other Christian Fiction books I've read.
The characters were all described with such detail that I felt they lived and breathed in my presence.
I have read many books on Henry VIII and his wives, including Anne Boleyn. Many authors have come to their own conclusions about Anne and often with a sensationalistic approach.
Ginger has given her own unique and satisfying story of Anne.
The fluid wording is articulate and evocative.
I am excited to be able to review Ginger Garrett's books in this series, they are entertaining, stimulating, unique, and haunting.

~~I will be posting soon Ginger Garrett's next book in the "Chronicles Of The Scribe" series,
"In The Arms Of Immortals"~~

Blissful Reading!


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I need to get into reading more. Thank you for all your reviews.

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