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Review-"Trading Fathers"

"Trading Fathers, Forgiving Dad, Embracing God" A Memoir by Karen Rabbitt
315 pages WinePress Publishing

Karen Rabbitt contacted me on my blog this summer leaving a comment on one of my posts, then later asked me if I would like to read a book she had written and post a review.
I gladly accepted as the subject of her book has affected my family as well.
It is a subject that once upon a time was not discussed, it was kept private, guarded, and even shamed.
The subject I am speaking of is child molestation. The hair on the back of my neck is standing up, these words make me afraid, I want to scream and shed tears.
It is only because of courageous women such as Karen Rabbitt that have come forward and have shared painful shreds of truth from their past, that others are then able to also come forward, and in time begin the journey of healing, recovery, and forgiveness.
Thank you Karen for your life story that you have shared, I pray that I in my humble attempt will be able to write an adequate review.
Karen shares from her earliest memories of growing up on a farm, in a large family, in the mid-west. She came from a hard working farm family, each had duties to perform on their farm. School and the Catholic Church, and a rare trip to town were the only other outside influences.
Karen's father started molesting her when she was 4 years old, he continued this travesty until she was a young adolescent. She was victimized, scarred, yet she buried these memories that would begin to emerge when she became an adult. Karen finished public school, college, she went to work, married, had a child, attended Church. She tried to perform her duties as wife and mother. It would be many years until Karen would painfully and with much patience and prayer, emerge on the other side to be able to forgive and proclaim joyfully that God is her Papa-God .
Karen writes with raw honesty of her life, and I admire her courage.
I never felt she wanted to seek revenge in writing her story, her focus was in helping others and most of all in sharing how God had worked in her from this abuse from her dad.
The book is a hard read, meaning that it is uncomfortable, distressing.
It is also a book of inspiration and the power of forgiveness.

To God be the glory!
Thank you Karen.

Blissful Reading!


Garnetrose said…
I was molested as a child and never really knew how to talk about it with anyone but my foster mom who was willing to listen. I know what you mean about the secrecy of it all. My mil is 81 year old and no one but me and one of her sisters knews she was molested by her brother when she was six. She tried telling her mom but her mom told her it was nightmares and to shut up about it.
Her sisiter who was a few years older led her to the bathroom and cleaned her up. One day I was listening to the news and it mentioned a six year old being molested and I got angry. Mil looked at me and said, 'Don't you think the 6 year old is partly to blame.' I told her a girl that age is never to blame. She broke down and wept as she told me what her brother whe was 18 at the time, did to her.

Both of my daughters are adopted and they were molested by the natural dads. They are doing fine now but it was a terrible struggle to help them forget the horror of their past. You never forget but you learn to live with it.

Sorry for rambling on but thank you for the post and I may just get that book.
Thank you for sharing.
I am thankful for you and all of the women that have stepped forward to share from your life and to help others that have gone through the same horrible experiences.