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Review-"The Last Word" by Kathy Herman

"The Last Word" Book 2 of the Sophie Trace Trilogy by Kathy Herman
Published by David C. Cook a B&B Media Group 2009
390 pages  plus the Afterwords
This book was for the purpose of reviewing.

I love great opening lines, and the opening line in the prologue of "The Last Word" is a gripping beginning for a solidly written book that holds the reader throughout the story.
I loved this book and was disappointed in myself for not reading the book that precedes this book, I have plans to back track by reading "The Real Enemy" book 1 in the Sophie Trace Trilogy. 
The book follows the family of Police Chief Brill Jessup. Brill and her husband have 3 children. Their older daughter Vanessa that is away at college has had a romance with her professor and is now pregnant.
She comes home at summer break and shocks her unsuspecting parents.
Meanwhile Brill has problems at work, there is someone not only after her but wounding and killing her detectives. Brill must find …

Review-"When You Lose Someone You Love"

"When You Lose Someone You Love, Comfort For Those Who Grieve" by Richard Exley
Published by David C. Cook a B&B Media Group
128 pages, published 2009
This book was provided for book reviewing

The word grief means intense sorrow or mourning.
To me grief is not just a mere word in a dictionary, but a journey on an uncharted continent.
After the death of my mother I thought I had already grieved during all of those years she was sick with Alzheimer's, but I was wrong. During the time she was sick I was so wrapped up in all of the many moments of caring for her, that I'd never stopped to think about and grieve the mother that was assuredly slipping away.  I had not allowed myself to think about and grieve for my mother that had mothered me, sewn for me, laughed with me, brushed my hair, baked those mouth watering chocolate pies, listened to me, sat beside me in Church, patted my hand, or called me by my name in her special east Texas twang. I had not allowed myself …

I'm Back From Pagosa Springs Colorado

I am home, we arrived about 5:30 Monday morning. We got a late start in leaving Pagosa Springs, Colorado--leaving in the mid afternoon Sunday.
We had a wonderful, restful, relaxing, peaceful time together---just my husband and I.
We stayed in a large house, but only using 1 bedroom, kitchen and laundry area, and living room.
The house is in a canyon near Chimney Rock--which is outside of Pagosa Springs, Colorado.
There is no cable, no internet, no cell phone coverage, the house phone rarely rings.
We saw several herds of mule deer and elk, a bobcat, fox squirrel, many chipmunks, groundhogs and tarantula's. I kept a log of the various animals and birds that we saw.
I bought a small pocket size book "Birds of Colorado" by Stan Tekiela. This book is an easy to use, portable, handy guide to the most common birds found in Colorado. I rarely went anywhere on our outings without taking this handy and useful book.
The birds that we saw were:
Stellar Jay
Mountain Bluebird

Can't Wait!

I am leaving tonight for a much needed and much anticipated vacation with my husband Jeff.
It has been over 8 years since we've taken a vacation, we just have not been able to get away. Over the past 8 years we have been busy caring for my dad and before that my mother also until she died in 2008, our older son David had 2 deployments to Iraq, 2 grandchildren were born, a total of 5 hospitalizations and 4 surgeries between Jeff and I, 3 job changes, and numerous surgeries and sicknesses with my dad.
We will be staying near Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I am taking a bag (large bag) of books and even an adult coloring book. I plan on having no plan, hopefully this will work--to just go for a walk when I want to, read when I want to, sleep late or stay up late--whatever!
I have an adult care sitter to stay some with dad, and our daughter in-law Christina will be stopping by, and younger son Paul will be here on the weekends.
We will return in about a week. I'll post when I'm b…

Review-"Learn To Study The Bible"

Review--"Learn To Study The Bible" by Andy Deane
Xulon Press, 247 pages, $13.99

Many people attend Church every Sunday yet do not have a daily Bible reading time. They depend on someone else such as a pastor or Bible Fellowship Teacher to read and explain the Bible to them. Many of those that do read the Bible on a daily basis zip quickly through the focal passages they are reading, with the goal of crossing it off their to do list.
I have made it a first thing in the morning, with my first cup of coffee and sitting in my favorite chair, for devotional time/Bible reading and prayer time. It is nearing 16 years that I've done this---I cannot face the day without this precious time with my Lord.
When I was asked if I would like to review this book, I wondered what new insights and challenges could I learn? Do not think that I mean I have nothing more to learn in studying God's Word...that will never happen. I have learned that the mo…

Review-"The Sound Of Sleigh Bells" and Book Giveaway

Review--"The Sound Of Sleigh Bells" by Cindy Woodsmall
WaterBrook Multnomah, a division of Random House, Published 2009, 194 pages
This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

Beth age 26 works with her Aunt Lizzy in an Amish dry goods store in Pennsylvania. Beth and Lizzy are both Amish. Beth is a sharp and dedicated business woman. She and Lizzy work along side of each other and are close. Lizzy is concerned for Beth's continued mourning for her fiance. Beth continues to wear black, she is closed off, quiet. Beth one day finds a beautifully crafted scene of Amish children and she can think of nothing else but finding the artist that created this work. The artist is Jonah, also Amish. Lizzy notices the positive difference in Beth since finding this work of art and she creates a plan for her niece.

This book is short on pages but big on story. I loved the story of Beth, …


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Blissful Blogging!

Most Annoying Words

I read recently that the most annoying words to people are:
you know
it is what it is
the end of the day.

What words are annoying to you?
The words that I dislike are:
and so
get real
get over yourself
for sure
and a long list of curse words....I also don't understand jokes, but that is another story!

Review-"The Rivers Run Dry"



Review-"The Rivers Run Dry" by Sibella Giorello
Thomas Nelson , Inc. Published 2009, 321 pages

Forensic geologist and Special Agent Raleigh Harmon has recently relocated from Richmond, Virginia to Seattle, Washington. Soon after arriving she is put on a case of a missing college girl. Raleigh is determined to find the girl using her knowledge of forensic geology. Raleigh works in a male dominant group, often she must bite her tongue to keep her mouth quite.
The character Raleigh is calm, cool and collected. She has a meticulous attention to detail. She is determined, patient, resilient, and can handle herself in tense situations. At times she seems deadpan, yet at other times I saw a quip of humor in her.
The focus of the book is on the disappearance of the college girl and the work that Raleigh does. Other characters are brought in to the story, some with a chip on their shoulder, some with quirky lifestyles and habits.
I loved the plot, usually my first love is f…

Review-"Talking To The Dead" And My Own Parent's Grief When They Were Left Widowed

Review-"Talking To The Dead" by Bonnie Grove
David C. Cook , Published 2009, 368 pages--with additional information entitled Afterwords.

Kate is a 28 year old recent widow, immediately after the funeral of her recently departed husband Kevin, she begins hearing him speak to her. She does not see him, he does not carry on a conversation with her, yet he will speak to her and she is as to be expected unnerved by this. She reaches out for help from several different people, each with their own brand of help. Kate slips further away, she will not sleep in what was their bedroom, does not care for herself, and wonders if she is loosing her mind. Her life as she knew it is over, and she cannot seem to move forward.
Kate is one of the few characters that I'd ever read that I was given such a large polarizing depth into her personality and psyche. She is presented at her worst: without bathing and sleeping, not eating well, she is…

Review-"June Bug"

Review-"June Bug" by Chris Fabry
Tydale House Publishes, Inc. , Published 2009, 326 pages
June Bug is a 9 year old girl that lives in a worn out RV with her dad. They have been traveling the roads of America for as long as she can remember. Her life is her dad, her journals, the diminutive world inside of the RV, and occasional trips into Walmart. While in Walmart June Bug notices a picture and information about a missing child, the child looks eerily like herself.
The story is told through the innocent voice of  June Bug. She is a resourceful, imaginative, funny, and creative young girl.
She expresses herself well when she speaks to her dad or to other adults. She is neither dramatic nor dull in temperament, she is endearing and charming.
I understood from the beginning of the novel that her dad had something to hide, and my focus was often on the safety of June Bug. As the twisting story unfolds my interests moved towards the dad as well.
Other characters that emerge in…

Interview With Mike Thomas Author of "A Harvest of Miracles"

I am pleased to introduce you to Dr. Mike Thomas: a friend, former Bible study teacher of mine, preacher, author, and professor of Spanish at Baylor University in Waco.
He is the author of 2 books.
"A Harvest Of Miracles" and "To Him Who Sits On The Throne"
see and

The following is a recent interview of him.


Review-"Dogwood" by Chris Fabry
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Published 2008, 341 pages
Chris Fabry blog and Chris Fabry website

Dogwood is a small town in West Virginia. A town that has never forgotten nor forgiven Will Hatfield. When Will returns to the town of Dogwood he does not let anything stand in his way of being with the woman that he never stopped loving. He is patient and understanding, but his purpose is clear.
Karin the woman that Will loves has moved on in her life by becalming herself with a husband and 3 children.

This is a haunting story of people that have suffered losses, guilt, and secrets.
I am amazed at this story, the ingenuity and impact of the plot is riveting.
I love to read books where the setting and storyline is unlike most of the other reads available, and I love this book.
The characters in "Dogwood" are surprising, steadfast, and meaty--they give the reader something to contemplate.
I am anxious to finish reading "June Bug"…

Blogs To Read On Women Leadership

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Hoots Up With Me!

The flu has made its rounds in my oldest sons family. My granddaughter Celeste first came down the flu, then passed it on to her brother Dawson, then my daughter in-law Christina, and my son David was sick over the weekend. I am hoping to not be the next recipient.

My husband and I are planning to leave for Colorado on the 16th and we will be gone for 1 week. We have not had a vacation in 8 years and it will be the second time in nearly 27 years of marriage that just us have taken a vacation together. This means no children, no parents, no other relatives, no pets, just Jeff and I.
As of today Thomas Nelson has picked me up as a book reviewer, in addition to them I also review books on my blog for David C. Cook and WaterBrook Multnomah. I consider it an honor to work for these wonderful publishing companies!

My dad is still seeing double vision in his right eye, but he feels like it is some better. The eye doctor had told us that by November this problem should be gone, that the eye …

Bible Challenge

Becky over at Operation Actually Read Bible has been a motivation to many of us to read through the Bible this year. 
I have finished reading all of the New Testament and even some of the Old Testament books such as Esther and Micah. At the end of July I stopped reading through the reason...I am guilty as charged. I continue to have a daily devotional time everyday and read the focal Scripture for those devotions, but have not been reading through the Old Testament in order to finish it. 
Becky has encouraged me to get back on track. I just finished reading Psalm 30. After I finish reading the Psalms I will start reading with Genesis and continuing on through those books in the Old Testament that I've not read yet this year. 
Thank you Becky!

Blissful Reading!

Question--From Gathering At The Well

"Do you find yourself taking part in godless living and sinful pleasures? If so...what steps are you going to take to gain strength in wisdom, righteousness and devotion to God?"

The following questions were asked in reference to verse 12 of Titus chapter 2.

Verse 11 For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men. 

Verse 12 It teaches us to say 'No' to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age,

Verse 13 while we wait for the blessed hope-the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ,
Verse 14 who gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness and to purify for himself a people that are his very own, eager to do what is good.

When I think about explaining what godless living and sinful pleasures is, my first thought would be a sexual sin--something dramatic, arousing, and intoxicating. For me a sexual sin is not an issue. 
So, what do I have lurking inside of me in …


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