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Bible Challenge

Becky over at Operation Actually Read Bible has been a motivation to many of us to read through the Bible this year. 
I have finished reading all of the New Testament and even some of the Old Testament books such as Esther and Micah. At the end of July I stopped reading through the reason...I am guilty as charged. I continue to have a daily devotional time everyday and read the focal Scripture for those devotions, but have not been reading through the Old Testament in order to finish it. 
Becky has encouraged me to get back on track. I just finished reading Psalm 30. After I finish reading the Psalms I will start reading with Genesis and continuing on through those books in the Old Testament that I've not read yet this year. 
Thank you Becky!

Blissful Reading!


Becky said…
I've been busy this weekend! I want to thank you for encouraging me to get back to the blog.

Since you are already reading Psalms, would you be interested in the w
wise-up mini-challenge? :)
Becky I feel like a failure for signing up for other challenges and then not keeping up with them.
I will think about your invite.
Thank you.
Right on - the OT can get boggy for sure - I'm trying to read through the entire Bible in a year and am starting in Genesis :). I've never done it before.

Way to go! Woohoo!