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Review-"Dogwood" by Chris Fabry
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Published 2008, 341 pages
Chris Fabry blog and Chris Fabry website

Dogwood is a small town in West Virginia. A town that has never forgotten nor forgiven Will Hatfield. When Will returns to the town of Dogwood he does not let anything stand in his way of being with the woman that he never stopped loving. He is patient and understanding, but his purpose is clear.
Karin the woman that Will loves has moved on in her life by becalming herself with a husband and 3 children.

This is a haunting story of people that have suffered losses, guilt, and secrets.
I am amazed at this story, the ingenuity and impact of the plot is riveting.
I love to read books where the setting and storyline is unlike most of the other reads available, and I love this book.
The characters in "Dogwood" are surprising, steadfast, and meaty--they give the reader something to contemplate.
I am anxious to finish reading "June Bug" the latest book by Chris Fabry, I hope to post the review done maybe this week!

Blissful Reading!