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Review-"June Bug"

Review-"June Bug" by Chris Fabry
Tydale House Publishes, Inc. , Published 2009, 326 pages
June Bug is a 9 year old girl that lives in a worn out RV with her dad. They have been traveling the roads of America for as long as she can remember. Her life is her dad, her journals, the diminutive world inside of the RV, and occasional trips into Walmart. While in Walmart June Bug notices a picture and information about a missing child, the child looks eerily like herself.
The story is told through the innocent voice of  June Bug. She is a resourceful, imaginative, funny, and creative young girl.
She expresses herself well when she speaks to her dad or to other adults. She is neither dramatic nor dull in temperament, she is endearing and charming.
I understood from the beginning of the novel that her dad had something to hide, and my focus was often on the safety of June Bug. As the twisting story unfolds my interests moved towards the dad as well.
Other characters that emerge into the story each have riveting emotional ties and reactions for June Bug.
I wrestled with what would happen, what would the outcome be, what is the "real" story of June Bug.
I loved this book, it is a heart wrenching story. The novel embroidered itself around my heart, and I became deeply affected by what the end result would be for June Bug.

Blissful Reading!


Becky said…
I'm glad you enjoyed this one! I enjoyed it as well. I saw that you recently reviewed Dogwood, how do the two compare? Should I seek out Dogwood too? :)
Yes, I loved Dogwood. I feel like you would enjoy reading it as well. Both books have West Virginia as its place and culture. Both books are compelling and have unexpected twists.
I feel like Chris Fabry is a top writer in Christian Fiction. I will always anticipate his next book!