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Review-"The Last Word" by Kathy Herman

"The Last Word" Book 2 of the Sophie Trace Trilogy by Kathy Herman
Published by David C. Cook a B&B Media Group 2009
390 pages  plus the Afterwords
This book was for the purpose of reviewing.

I love great opening lines, and the opening line in the prologue of "The Last Word" is a gripping beginning for a solidly written book that holds the reader throughout the story.
I loved this book and was disappointed in myself for not reading the book that precedes this book, I have plans to back track by reading "The Real Enemy" book 1 in the Sophie Trace Trilogy. 
The book follows the family of Police Chief Brill Jessup. Brill and her husband have 3 children. Their older daughter Vanessa that is away at college has had a romance with her professor and is now pregnant.
She comes home at summer break and shocks her unsuspecting parents.
Meanwhile Brill has problems at work, there is someone not only after her but wounding and killing her detectives. Brill must find out who the perpetrator is.
Brill remains calm tempered and steadfast throughout the story.
I loved the closeness of the Jessup family, they have had problems and crisis events but they are able to communicate and be there for each other.
I felt the author shared through each of the characters in the family a realistic view of imperfections yet forgiveness and love, and support for each other.
The book is suspenseful and twisting, engaging and entertaining.
The author is skillful in her timing of events and masterful in weaving a great story.

Blissful Reading!


A Gracious Home said…
I like books about families who are close and support one another. The book sounds great. Doylene