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Review-"Learn To Study The Bible"

Review--"Learn To Study The Bible" by Andy Deane
Xulon Press, 247 pages, $13.99

Many people attend Church every Sunday yet do not have a daily Bible reading time. They depend on someone else such as a pastor or Bible Fellowship Teacher to read and explain the Bible to them. Many of those that do read the Bible on a daily basis zip quickly through the focal passages they are reading, with the goal of crossing it off their to do list.
I have made it a first thing in the morning, with my first cup of coffee and sitting in my favorite chair, for devotional time/Bible reading and prayer time. It is nearing 16 years that I've done this---I cannot face the day without this precious time with my Lord.
When I was asked if I would like to review this book, I wondered what new insights and challenges could I learn? Do not think that I mean I have nothing more to learn in studying God's Word...that will never happen. I have learned that the more I study and read God's Word the more I have yet to learn, and this is an amazing and awesome thing.
I am excited that the book "Learn To Study The Bible" was written by Andy Deane. I feel this is a book that should be read---not to sit on a shelf and gather dust--but be read and promptly put in to practice the ideas suggested in the book.
The author has put forth much research and prayer in to this book.
This book: challenges, teaches, guides, clarifies, and provokes the desire to read and study God's Word.
The book has short chapters and to the point information, a variety of recommended ways or plans are given to study the bible.
I have as yet not seen any other book that has such a wealth of information on studying God's Word, and I highly recommend this book, "Learn To Study The Bible" by Andy Deane.

This book was provided for review by the author Andy Deane.

Blissful Reading!


A Gracious Home said…
I enjoyed your review of the book. I would like to know what denomination or church he is pastor of. That is important to me. I wouldn't buy a book without knowing some of the authors beliefs. I looked at several sites and couldn't find out. Thanks, Doylene
Hello Doylene,
He is associate pastor at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge in New Jersey.
This article is from his experience during 9/11. Great article!
The church he is on staff with is
It appears to be a non denominational church but you can read their statement of belief's.
A Gracious Home said…
I'm sure they have all the basic beliefs. I read one of his interviews and it was very interesting. A lot of the Calvary Chapel churches are associated with Chuck Smith.I like him a lot. Thanks, Doylene