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Review-"The Rivers Run Dry"

Review-"The Rivers Run Dry" by Sibella Giorello
Thomas Nelson , Inc. Published 2009, 321 pages

Forensic geologist and Special Agent Raleigh Harmon has recently relocated from Richmond, Virginia to Seattle, Washington. Soon after arriving she is put on a case of a missing college girl. Raleigh is determined to find the girl using her knowledge of forensic geology. Raleigh works in a male dominant group, often she must bite her tongue to keep her mouth quite.
The character Raleigh is calm, cool and collected. She has a meticulous attention to detail. She is determined, patient, resilient, and can handle herself in tense situations. At times she seems deadpan, yet at other times I saw a quip of humor in her.
The focus of the book is on the disappearance of the college girl and the work that Raleigh does. Other characters are brought in to the story, some with a chip on their shoulder, some with quirky lifestyles and habits.
I loved the plot, usually my first love is for the characters, but the plot and the storyline was an engaging mystery story. I enjoyed wondering who is the perpetrator? What is the "real" story about the missing girl?
This is the first book that I've read of Sibella Giorello, her previous book and with much success is--a Christy Award winner--"The Stones Cry Out." She has a new book that will be available March 16, 2010 "The Clouds Roll Away."
Each book follows Agent Raleigh Harmon and her forensic geology skills.

Blissful Reading!