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Review-"The Sound Of Sleigh Bells" and Book Giveaway

Review--"The Sound Of Sleigh Bells" by Cindy Woodsmall
WaterBrook Multnomah, a division of Random House, Published 2009, 194 pages
This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

Beth age 26 works with her Aunt Lizzy in an Amish dry goods store in Pennsylvania. Beth and Lizzy are both Amish. Beth is a sharp and dedicated business woman. She and Lizzy work along side of each other and are close. Lizzy is concerned for Beth's continued mourning for her fiance. Beth continues to wear black, she is closed off, quiet. Beth one day finds a beautifully crafted scene of Amish children and she can think of nothing else but finding the artist that created this work. The artist is Jonah, also Amish. Lizzy notices the positive difference in Beth since finding this work of art and she creates a plan for her niece.

This book is short on pages but big on story. I loved the story of Beth, and I felt the author did an honest portrayal of Beth's grief and suffering after the death of her fiance. Beth is a business woman and I felt this brought a uniqueness to the Amish story---often the Amish women are presented as dependent and are not in a business work environment. Beth's character is more independent than most of the other women that are in her community. She is strong willed, energetic, focused, intelligent, and sweet spirited.
I loved Lizzy's personality as well, she has a great love for her niece and her family. Lizzy is equally independent and strong willed.
Jonah is an added blessing, he brings a gentleness, steadiness, and artistic expression into the book.
The obstacles that are actually unresolved pain make for the tension in the book.
I felt this was a wonderful Christmas story!

I will be giving away a copy of this book, please leave a comment and I will announce the winner on October 28. 

Blissful Reading!


Carmen7351 said…
I'd love to read about an Amish Christmas. Please enter me.
desertrose5173 at gmail dot com
A Gracious Home said…
That sounds like a good book to read. Please enter me in the give away. Doylene
I'm so excited I have had more than one person to choose from this time!
It is a little discouraging that I don't have many people that wish to win a copy of a book. Heavy sigh!
But, Doylene you are the winner!
Desert Rose check back next time for a chance to win!
Blissful Reading to you both!