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Review-"When You Lose Someone You Love"

"When You Lose Someone You Love, Comfort For Those Who Grieve" by Richard Exley
Published by David C. Cook a B&B Media Group
128 pages, published 2009
This book was provided for book reviewing

The word grief means intense sorrow or mourning.
To me grief is not just a mere word in a dictionary, but a journey on an uncharted continent.
After the death of my mother I thought I had already grieved during all of those years she was sick with Alzheimer's, but I was wrong. During the time she was sick I was so wrapped up in all of the many moments of caring for her, that I'd never stopped to think about and grieve the mother that was assuredly slipping away.  I had not allowed myself to think about and grieve for my mother that had mothered me, sewn for me, laughed with me, brushed my hair, baked those mouth watering chocolate pies, listened to me, sat beside me in Church, patted my hand, or called me by my name in her special east Texas twang. I had not allowed myself to think about these things while she was alive, because it was too painful to think about those things and also deal with all of her many care-giving needs and crisis' that would happen. I was sad all of those years and thought I had already gone through the stages of grief, yet after her death it started all over again. Mother died in March of 2008 and I now have less and less of those crying moments that sweep me away, but now and again a memory will come flooding back.....
It is an answered prayer to have been given this opportunity to read and review Richard Exley's book
"When You Lose Someone You Love". God knew that I needed to read this book for my own journey of grief.

"When You Lose Someone You Love" by Richard Exley is written in a letter style. There are 9 letters, 1 letter in each chapter, all written to a David. Maybe you already know this but David means beloved---incidentally this is the name of my oldest son.
Each chapter concludes with a prayer and a Bible verse.
This is a small book, but tenderly and beautifully written. It does not fill your mind with all of those words and phrases that a grieving person expects to hear, but wraps itself around your grieving heart and tells you there is hope.
At times I could almost hear Richard Exley reading aloud his thoughts and words in my ears, and that I was not just reading pages written in ink.
The most memorable quote and it is still ringing in my ear is "no matter how deep your grief, God's love goes deeper still."

Blissful Reading!


A Gracious Home said…
That sounds like a great book for someone who is grieving. I have heard that you mourn a year when your husband dies but you mourn four or five years when he divorces you. Do you think this book would be good for people who are mourning about other things in their life? Doylene
This possibly would be a good book to read for those going through a divorce or after the divorce.
Even if someone is not grieving, this is a good book in order to minister to someone who is going through a time of grief.
What I loved so much about this book is it is so tender and so loving. This is a special book!