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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers!
I have been busy in the kitchen most of today. I have baked 2 pans of cornbread in cast iron skillets--for the dressing. I have cut up and sauted onions and celery--for the dressing.
I have baked an apple pie and a buttermilk pie. I am cooking the turkey now--will cut it up and then tomorrow will only need to heat it up. I am making a pot of black-eyed peas with real bacon.

I try and do most of the cooking the day before Thanksgiving, that way the hurry and stress of trying to get it all done before the expected time of eating is more relaxed. I will only need to re-heat the food for eating.
My aunt Beverly is bringing the sweet potato casserole, my daughter in-law Christina is bringing the green bean casserole and pumpkin pie.
We are expecting 11 people. My dad, my husband and I, our oldest son David and his wife Christina and their 2 children, my aunt Beverly and uncle Mel, son Paul, and a new guest I have not met yet will be here--my youngest sons new girlfriend.
We will be eating on the fine china, a mix of mine and my mothers.
We are planning to eat between 1 and 1:30 p.m.

I hope that all of you will have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.
Remember to give God all of the thanks and all of the glory for all that you have been given and for who He is! Gratitude should not be an afterthought, it should not be something that is only done on a holiday, or on Sunday, but we should have heart of thanksgiving to God.

"They sang, Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and strength belong to our God forever and ever! Amen"


sarah said…
corn bread - yum. Happy thanksgiving.
A Gracious Home said…
Happy Thanksgiving! I have done my hen, sauteing, cornbread to make my dressing. I have only to mix and season it. I will put a little chicken in the dressing. Now I only have baked beans to make. I am so lucky to be going to my daughter in law's home. I hope you enjoy your day, Doylene