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Noteworthy blogs that I have found:

A Christian Writer's World--Characters wh... This is a well respected blog amongst authors and bloggers. Lena has a enticingly rich and professional looking site!

Already Not Yet Peter Cockrell of the United Kingdom has many articles of interest--"Every Moment of Every Day" on November 15, "Pursuing Greater Humility" on November 12, "Grudem on Scripture's Clarity" and "Only and Always for Christ's Sake" on November 17.

At the Well...In Pursuit of Titus 2 Always wonderful teaching and applicable articles. See "Times and Seasons" by Lori November 13 and "The All-Sufficient One" by Jenifer.

InSpire Please read the story "Miracles" dated November 7. This blog is written and hosted by the author Rita Gerlach, her newest book is "Surrender the Wind."

Through the Looking-Glass... Dr. Mike Thomas is a gifted writer, once upon a time he was my Sunday school teacher, through his writing he continues to teach me. See the articles written November 15, "Stunning Moments in the Bible: Their Eyes Were Opened" (Luke 24).

Blissful Blogging!