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Pictures From Our Vacation To Colorado-Late October 2009

A tarantula, we found several in the yard by the house and we would follow them throughout the yard. They would only venture so far and then turn back. I was shocked that I was not afraid of them, they were focused not on me, but on finding food---because winter snows were coming.

 Early morning, the sun burning off the fog---view from our porch.

Navajo Lake, is a few miles west of the house we stayed at. Navajo Lake is near Arboles and Ignacio, Colorado--SW corner of Colorado. The southern end of the lake is in New Mexico. 

 Navajo Lake.

Navajo Lake.

The house that we stayed at.

Our favorite transportation, a Kawasaki Mule. In the late afternoon before dusk, we would ride through the woods looking for mule deer and elk. We came upon sometimes herds of deer and elk, most often we saw 2 or 3, they were as curious of us as we were of them. Jeff and I wondered how many other animals saw or herd us and we did not see or hear them, I'm sure many.

A small cave in the woods and up a steep hill, behind the house.

Me.I have a jacket on, a sweater underneath and a pull over---it was cold riding that mule.

 A second cave.

 An interesting rock formation near the caves. This rock to me looks like a camel? a hippopotamus? Maybe my imagination is getting the best of me.

What do you think this rock looks like?

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A Gracious Home said…
I love these pictures. We saw a heard of elk in northern AR this week. Doylene