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Review-"Lost Mission"

 Review-"Lost Mission" by Athol Dickson
Howard Books A Division of Simon & Schuster
Published 2009, 350 total pages
Book was provided for review purposes

Athol Dickson (his name Athol is pronounced like eighth-ol) is a master story-teller.
I had read his previous novel "The Cure" and loved it. I hope to read 2 others "River Rising" and "Winter Haven."  I was anticipating this newest treasure "Lost Mission" and I'm honored to review it.

"Lost Mission" is 2 tales that both intersect in a forte finale.
One tale is 200 years ago at a Spanish mission that falls to some kind of evil atrocity, the other tale is a modern day city in southern California that is on the thresholds of discovering an undisturbed ruin.
It is the mission that is the common factor in both time periods. 
There are 4 main characters to present the present day story and 1 main character from 200 years ago. Each character speaks to the reader in their own thoughts and voices.
All of the characters in the book represent various levels economic status, education, power and prestige.
The characters each have their own wistful visions, moral and spiritual struggles, and the story follows them on their quests.
I felt the author is dimensional and meaty in his multiple twists and plots, his likable or unlikable characters, the scenery and setting.
I felt the story was phenomenally creative and unabashedly delved into impossible situations.
The story goes back and forth in time, yet I never had a problem being confused or being able to keep pace.
I was impressed and interested in the 18th century time period, the culture of the peoples, and the life that the Franciscan's lived.
This book is more than a page turner, or a hummer of a read. It is a beautifully crafted prose that has power to remain fixed in the readers brain, and possibly even change a few hearts.

Blissful Reading!


A Gracious Home said…
This sounds like a good book to read. I would like to know what ties the two time periods together. Maybe you said and I have already forgotten. I will read the review again. My minds not what it used to be. Doylene
It is the mission itself that is the link that ties the 2 time periods. The most difficult part of writing a review (in my opinion) is not giving too much of the story away!
Thank you Doylene. I have many readers but not to many comments.
I do believe that people are just to busy.
But you are my faithful friend!