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Review-"Surrender The Wind"

Review-"Surrender The Wind" by Rita Gerlach
Abingdon Press Published 2009, 382 pages
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The novel is set during the American Revolution, and at the beginning of the novel we are introduced to Seth Braxton. He was born in Virginia and he is fighting as a patriot during the American Revolutionary War.
Seth's sister Caroline had been sent to England at the preface of war to live with their grandfather. At the wars end Seth returns home to Virginia, but he soon receives a letter from his sister summoning him to England. When Seth arrives at Ten Width he finds his sister grieving over the death of her young son Nathaniel. Soon after arriving in England Seth meets Juleah, Caroline's loyal and trusting friend. Seth and Juleah fall in love, but a menacing scheme is unfolding.

This book is one of the most romantic books that I've read. The passion and love that is poetically described between Seth and Juleah was rousing. On this alone makes this book a page turner!
Rita has a beauty of word usage that is amazing. Her descriptions of scenery, people, animals, is all done with a poets liquid aqueous hand.
"Above mossy bluffs The Sea maiden appeared ghostly amid the fog that drifted inland from the sea. Washed of color, it appeared like damp black-and-white etching set on a plain of dew-drenched grass."
She writes of those moments that most authors would omit, such as describing a rustle of a skirt, the sound of blue jays squawking, facial expressions, and characters stopping to watch the sky or a bird.
I loved it that throughout the book (not just placed at the end) the characters often pray for guidance, and scriptures are quoted such as "love one another."
The plot of the book begins as mapped out that Seth travels to England to see his family and the estate. The beauty of the book is in his journey (I'm referring to his life journey) in this new land.
There are many characters in the book, each with vivid details that bring them to life.
The villains are vicious and malevolent. The adversaries are starkly contrasted against the magnetic hero Seth.
I loved this book! It is a great love story! I look forward to future stories that Rita writes.

Rita Gerlach is currently writing "The Dusk To Dawn Series."

Blissful Reading!


Rita Gerlach said…
Dear Annette,

I am so pleased you enjoyed reading 'Surrender the Wind'. Thanks so much for the review. I'll post a link on my website, blog, and on Facebook.

I do not have a contract for the Dusk to Dawn Series, but I'm sure you will love these three novels.

Fondly Yours,
Rita Gerlach
Annette said…
Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words.
I consider you a friend and enjoy reading your blogs!