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Review-"Touched By A Vampire"

Review "Touched By A Vampire" by Beth Felker Jones
WaterBrook Multnomah Published 2009, 180 pages
This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

I am not a "Twilighter," nor am I into any other vampire books, movies, or television shows that have had vampires as their cast of characters. Maybe it is my age, or maybe I'm "just not into vampires."
So as you read this review, I hope you will understand that I am reviewing a book, that's subject is reviewing 
the Twilight Saga books.
The author Beth Felker Jones is an assistant professor of theology at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. She has written numerous articles and reviews, and is the author of  "The Marks of His Wounds: Gender Politics and Bodily Resurrection."
With Beth's background as a researcher, reviewer, and teacher, she has used these skills to write a book touching on the various points of the Twilight Saga series.
She is concerned about the books sweeping magnetism amongst people.

People are gaga over the Twilight books. When I was in Target today I noticed dolls, magazine covers, candy, t-shirts, and other various articles, all focused on the Twilight Saga. Candy for goodness sake! Of course this is commercialization at its "finest."

I felt that Beth wrote a well researched book, and she wrote it with much tact and candor. She knew full well that many of the readers of her book would be fans, and she wrote a book that was not critically offensive.
One of the issues she addressed was the "good side" of the vampire Edward, his morality.
She addresses the sweeping, engaging, all consuming love that the couple Edward and Bella share---but is this how a normal healthy relationship should be taught to young girls?
The Twilight books are a seducing textbook to many girls on love, sex, desire, power, and destiny.
I have to admit I was not enthused about reading this book, but I am glad that I read it--I feel a little more educated when I hear of others that are enraptured by these books.
I believe this is a must read for any Christian parent that has children that have or are reading the Twilight Saga books, it is an eye-opener.

Blissful Reading!