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2009 Bible Reading Challenge

Bible reading for December 29 was the book of Amos. 

From January through mid summer I read all of the New Testament, then there was a lull. I picked back up with reading through the Bible in the early autumn. I read through Psalms, Isaiah and Luke--from October through December. I have over the past few weeks read several other Old Testament books. Last Spring I was in the Esther study by Beth Moore and this was when I read the book of Esther.

For the month of January 2010 I will be reading Genesis and Matthew.

I read 44 books of the Bible this year, 5 of them twice.

There are 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament. I was 22 short from reading all of the Bible in 2009. I'm hoping and challenging myself to read all of the Bible in 2010. I have read the entire Bible in one year twice, I'm planning for a third time in 2010.

H     umble yourself
O    pen the Word
L     ook at your life
Y    ield to His ways

"Jesus is not our personal assistant charged with granting our wishes. While He sometimes does not give us what we want, He always gives us what we need."
Randy Alcorn

Blissful New Year!


Becky said…
I was preparing my post just now tallying up which books I was able to read. I read 43 books of the Bible :)

Happy New Year!
Garnetrose said…
I had a friend who read the bible through yearly. She was a very devout woman who is with God now. She and her husband both read the bible through yearly. I almost made it once or twice but was always a little short. I found I was reading just for the sake of reading it and not really learning from the verses I was reading.

I wish you luck on your venture though.
Annette said…
My dad has read through the Bible every year since "1960!"
It has helped me to change to the New Living Translation--it is so easy to read and flows easily, it is easy to understand and retain. I love it so much!
I have an ESV that I use for my Bible Study Fellowship class and for other deeper study.
The NLT is my choice for daily reading.
Happy New Year to both of you! I will be back to post next week.
My husband and I are headed to Houston to visit his family.